Had to Say Good bye


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Oct 22, 2003
Glasgow, Montana
We had to put our dog down this morning. I have never had a dog be this big of a part of our family and felt so sad over one having to be put down. Very long morning saying our goodbye's. Took him out to Fort Peck for one last swim last night.





Sorry to hear of your loss Nermont. Good on you for knowing when enough is enough though.

I dread the day that my lab has to go down. He's 8 right now.

Got a tear in my eye just thinking about it.......
Sorry Nemont, it looks like you had some great times with him. Every time I've lost a dog I say "never again" but life just isn't the same without a faithful mutt by your side. I hope the memories will get you and your family through the next few days, as they will be the toughest. As time passes, the thoughts of him will bring more smiles than tears. You gave him a great life.
Hard. I have a 13 year old Aeridale, Quit eating a week ago. We have been hand feeding her treats for a week. Not in pain, just know it is her time. Hard too look in those big brown eyes. She will be comfortable until she passes or is in pain.
Too many dogs and too much pain.

I understand your loss!
Ah, sorry to hear. As much as it sucks now, it is the memories that hurt the most in this moment that will mean the most in the future.

Looks like you had some great times with your pup. The sorrow will eventually turn into smiles as time heals this and you look back on those days.
Sorry, Jeff. It just sucks. I wish there was a way to make it easy, or some words that would soothe the pain. Sorry for your entire family.
Sorry for you and the family. Not much better to have around than a good dog. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Sorry for your family's loss. Good looking dog and I second the idea you have to let a dog go when is time. Kudos to you taking action when action was needed. We took in my grandfather's dog when he went into a rest home. Sam was a wonderful dog. Tore me up the day we put him down but Sam was ready. I wasn't, though, and took days after to put it all in perspective.
My feelings go out to you. I know it's a very hard thing to have to say goodbye to our dogs because they are more than just dogs, they become part of us and our families.
Sorry for your loss. Looks like you had a lot of great times and I'm sure the memories will live on forever. Blessings to you and your family.
Man, I'm sorry to hear this. I cried like a baby this winter when my lab, Max died.
Sorry for your loss. Looks like y'all have good photos of some great memories to help honor a good family member. Thanks for sharing.

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