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    I've been out a few times on Ft C the number of WT hunters is off the scale! Had a nice MD buck at 30 yds in TA 8 the Wed before TGving; he was on a hot doe and wouldn't leave her. Oh for a tag! Also saw two yotes in there. Since it's a Low Veloc area calling 'em would be a real challenge. Going out this coming WE hope the majority of WT hunters have gotten discouraged... Will be calling yotes in January.
    How'd elk camp go?
    Just got the brochure today!! It took the trail all the way over to behind the Academy. Saw no deer sign at all and no small game.....TONS of people using the whole area w/dogs. The deer have it so easy down in the housing rea and on the Church grounds there is no way they are goin up in the steep stuff :( Have you seen any WTs on Carson? I thought that was farther east. I will definitely check that out. I am trying to max out my opportunity for this year :)
    Read the big game brochure yet? There are new OTC whitetail only licenses that apply to Ft C. Either sex and doe licenses are available. We can deer hunt near home regardless of the deer draw! I'll still put GMU 591 buck as my first choice but may save my second choice for another area. I don't think I'll draw with zero.
    Have you tried your stealth entry to the front range yet?
    Somehow I never saw your msg. Glad you enjoyed your .17. My experience with package deal scopes is similar but on a 12 Ga slug gun the Chinese crap will suffice. Ate the cow tag; I'm great at finding where they've been. However, I know TAs 21 and 38 better now. I'll be out of pocket for awhile, be raring to chase coyotes when I return. Just got the latest Colorado Outdoors with some info on pref pts, Etc. Lots of opportunities on Grand Mesa but snow is an issue after 2nd rifle. Big Game Brochure will be out soon. Let's study it then meet in early March to plan. Regular email would be better?
    I got to shoot it last week. It was pretty windy but I could manage 2" group of about 15 rounds at a 100m off of the sand bag. Love the way it shoots but the optics are pretty crappy. Have to get the post registration back and then I will get the permit for post. I will be interested to see how this does with critters. For the time being, put an elk down :)
    Larry, Got that .17 sited in yet? My (new to me) .22-250 shoots well. After next Friday Elk will be out and Cooyote quest starts--rady?. Saw biggest mulie buck on Sat. 1/18 in TA 21 hope he makes it until next season and one of us draws a tag!
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