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    My $1,300 hunting rig

    Well THAT sucks.... I am going to put a Lokka on Doug's front at some point in the fairly near future. Have never had a problem yet when chained up but I am a "better to be prepared" guy. The reason I also have had a 10k Warn winch for about 7 years and never had to use it in anger :)
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    My $1,300 hunting rig

    It is only the limited slip....but better than nothing :) Btw,I think the camper shells are one of the most underrated freebies
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    My $1,300 hunting rig

    Wooohooo!! Welcome to the dedicated, cheap hunting rig club!!
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    My 13 year old nephew....

    Praying for his healing and many deer to come!!!
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    Colorado Tag

    For that cluster of units cow tags were drawn with 0 pts last year and they are "B" tags. There is a decent chance that you could have a shot at drawing one in the upcoming secondary draw. Your tag is an ANTLERED elk only tag. You can always tell in CO by the hunt code.....the code for your...
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    Colorado Tag Question

    Best of luck on keeping your shot at 4th season.
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    Colorado Tag

    What is the unit?
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    2020 Colorado Draw

    My preference point pinged as well......still building points. At least one more year, eh? ;)
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    Heated hunting clothing

    BTW, if you are gonna be sitting in a stand this is a great option.....
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    Heated hunting clothing

    I would ask first what type of hunt you plan on doing. Deer stand/blind hunting or western hunting? For stand hunting I have a very puffy, insulted pair of bibs (Cabelas) that are VERY warm......but I am not walking much in those or they become a sauna. Along with those I use a selection of...
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    Colorado Results?

    Bank account ding for me too....3rd season doe on 2nd choice. Looks like I'll have 10 pts and a decent shot at what my first choice next year ;)
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    This is nuts - I didn't even know Italy had Brown Bears...

    When stationed in Vicenza I spent quite a bit of time in the Lake Garda area. Beautiful alpine country - the part of the country that use to be Austria (the Trentino) and still has all the signs in both Italian and German. There is a band of wilderness but compared to other nations in the...
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    Helicopter Landing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    I also sent a similar message to Sonny :)
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    Helicopter Landing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    I'll definitely join in on THAT dogpile too!!!
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    Ford 3.5L EcoBoost

    My buddy CPO has had his (double cab, 4x4, FX4 with a 2 in level) for going on 3 years now and loves it. Tons of power, not a single issue and his only complaint is sometimes wishing for a longer bed. He traded in a POS, PITA Rebel and it has been an incredible upgrade.