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    A "common sense" proposal that will piss off both sides

    I can't say that I have a problem with any of those.....the only real finesse point for me would be value and some sort of reimbursement to those losing FAFs. Folks have some serious $$$$$ wrapped up in some collections and I would pose that they would be subject to a "taking" by the government...
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    Sig P220 10MM Kryptek Hunter

    Very nice pistol :)
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    Sleeping Bag for hot tent question

    ALWAYS have a bag combo rated to the coldest temperature possible that time of year. You can always vent open a bag but being light on insulation plain sucks. Even where I live in the Springs I have experienced 50f to -20f in a 24 hour period......I sleep in a wall tent with a stove and bring...
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    swarovski z3 bt vs leupold vx5hd

    Neither of these......
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    Savage Impulse

    We have had several in the shop. For reference, we have already had to send 2 back BEFORE purchase for defects and problems. I think the action is a VERY poor interpretation of straight pull actions available from several European manufacturers. Horrible to cycle vs the others (although they...
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    Whats your most accurate rifle?

    My TIkka Roughtech 300WM is my best, here is the 3 shot zero group off a bag at 100m with Nosler 180gr BTs. As a side note, my first rifle (I still have in the safe) is a crappy Remington 710 package with a Bushnell 3x9 on it that LOVES Core Lokts. It will shoot about .75 even with a horrible...
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    I have officially found the limit of the "Yeti Bro" culture for me......

    If it makes you happy I guess that is something....just too small and WAY too much $$$$ compared to utility.
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    Fierce Edge

    The only real full benefit of a carbon barrel (some are wrapped, some are laid length wise) is heat dissipation. If you are shooting lengthy series from a bench or competition scenarios it is a big plus.....for hunt purposes the light weight can be attained without the need for carbon. I have...
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    I have officially found the limit of the "Yeti Bro" culture for me......

    I would say I am surprised at people spending money like this, but I have seen people come into the shop and spend $15,000 on multiple guns at once.......that they have ZERO idea how they function or what to use them for.......they just "look cool" or they HEARD somebody else had one. Proof...
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    I have officially found the limit of the "Yeti Bro" culture for me......

    At work we carry several different roto molded coolers. I am the owner of both RTIC and Kong (my fav) coolers and do see the value in quality coolers to have for the long haul. We also carry the entire line of Yeti accessories and goodies. Tonight, on one of the end caps i came into contact...
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    CO newbie

    Welcome from the Springs!
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    The New Truck, Finally

    Congratulations and many happy years of adventures!!!
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    Truck saw.

    I have an MS 251 and it comes along whenever I go into the backcountry. Both for clearing and then firewood cutting once in camp. I love my saw so far.......a sharp chain (as mentioned above) and it punches way above its weight class.
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    Tikka T3X Stainless - .270 Win

    Nice rifle.....and I have the same vertical grip on my Roughtech and LOVE it.

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