Brian in Montana
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  • Hey Brian, you still shooting the Strother Wrath SHO bow...? I just picked one up also.
    Brian in Montana
    Brian in Montana
    Man, I have hardly bow hunted for 2 years. My right shoulder has been banged up most my life, but nowadays I can hardly draw a bow. I'm planning to do some work on my Strothers before next fall - lower the draw weight significantly, raise the peep sight higher on the string so I can anchor lower (jawline or corner of my mouth), have to get new arrows once/if I find some adjustments my shoulder can work with.
    Brian in Montana
    Brian in Montana
    So anyway, the bow is really a good one. Shoots very consistently and fast, I just haven't been able to use it much. I think you're going to like yours. 👍
    How did the kid's days hunting go with the 243?
    We got it done, 100 yards one shot in and out DBL lung two steps and finished.

    Good luck
    Brian in Montana
    Brian in Montana
    We didn't see anything and the weather was cruddy. About a half hour to sunset my daughter was cold and wet and tired, ready to call it. I didn't have the heart to push her. Maybe tonight.

    Looks like you did some good. 👍
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