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  • Hello Randy,
    Really enjoying fresh tracks +
    I think of you and your family every time I come across the pine island road trapping and turn around in Big Falls. I am praying for your Mother and your family.
    Thanks again,
    Big Fin
    Big Fin
    Thank you, Jim. I appreciate the kind comments. My best to you.
    Hi Randy, just wondering if you will be making a trip out to TAC in UT this next week? Not sure if you attend those events but I plan on attending this year for the first time and if you are there would love to say hi. I still appreciate the tips you gave for my Bison Henry mtn hunt and also love the content you guys create! Thanks for all you do!
    Big fan of yours, Sir. You are an inspiration and I cannot thank you and your team enough for your content. You’ve taught me and my family many things, well beyond hunting. I’m in Belgrade, and if I could buy you a coffee and get a handshake and a photograph it would sure be an honor..
    Took a while to find a way to ask this question and I apologize if I have used the wrong avenue...This is my first year venturing out of my home state (AZ) and I got drawn for Rifle in CO for GMU 71. it's a post-rut hunt (10/16 to 10/20). e-scouting on Go-Hunt and plan a short trip in July to do on the ground scout. My question is... 1) Have you hunted this unit? 2) IF you have, any advice that may be specific
    to the unit...
    Anyone have any advice for unit 71 in CO?
    Randy - I have recently started watching Fresh Tracks and love the shows. Sorry to hear about your health and will be praying for you. Hope you can bounce back! Your shows have inspired me to start looking into other states for Hunting opportunities and got my fingers crossed for an Elk tag in Colorado this fall! Thanks for all you do and hope to see new seasons of Fresh Tacks soon!
    I remember you working with an outfitter in Alaska on a sheep hunt a few years back, I believe it was Alaska Adventure Services but could be wrong. I am doing some research for a hunt of my own and was wondering if you could provide some feedback on your experience.
    I don't get it seriously, I don't remember saying anything bigoted or untrue. Maybe my meaning was poorly written and/or misunderstood?
    Hey Randy! Thanks for opening the plausibility door to those who may be intimidated by a western hunt. As a MA whitetail hunter, I love shooting my bow all summer to get ready to sit in a stand during archery. However, I now want bigger country and more adventure and away from MA! I’m on a 2 year plan (gear and fitness) to get ready for a southeast Montana Elk hunt.
    Hey randy thanks for the great YouTube channel you have and what you are doing for hunters. When I talked to you at the western hunt expo in salt lake we spoke about you burning your Utah antelope points next year. The unit you said you are going to draw is on fire this year. We had a ton of great water this year and the goats are big. My good friend and hunting buddy tagged out opening day with an 83” toad.
    Just wanted to say great website, great YouTube channel, and great podcast. Keeps me excited about hunting year around which my wife absolutely loves Haha. But she did appreciate your podcast on marriage. I took your advise and she noticed. Enjoy your season and give Beau a kiss on the cheek for me next time you see him.
    Sorry for the hassle on here. I didn't start it , I just want to contribute to Your wonderful site. I don't know Why this guy jumped on me. I know You dont need the hassles. Thanks for all You do Randy and I listen to your podcasts when I drive My Semi to Cally Everday.........BOB!
    Hi Randy, I heard you mention your "core workout" on and Elk Talk Podcast that you do during Viking's games and the news. Any chance you could share what that includes with the OYO community? I drive a desk like you do and have fought my way through a lot of back issues over the years. I am interested in what worked for you. Thanks!
    I am also wondering if big land owners (ranchers or oil men, Wilks or Kochs) are using their resources to give you a hard time for promoting public land use and DYI hunting and skirting private lands. Just a thought, they have that much pull.

    Good luck & thank you,
    Terry L. Zink
    Looks like we have another Spammer. Check out "Outdoor Somebody" in the Rules thread. P.S. Thanks for getting the cooler sponsor for our March Madness bracket. Hope you lose. :)
    Hey Randy,

    I was just wondering a in your category "STATE SPECIFIC ISSUES" why have only the states you have listed? You have many people from across the country and other country's for that matter. So why not the rest of the states in that category?
    Big Fin
    Big Fin
    Hmm. Not sure. All states were their previously, or at least when we established that sub-forum. I will try to get the rest of them back up there. Thanks for pointing it out.
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