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  • Sorry to get back to you a little slow. Had the family on our Thanksgiving trip and was off the grid a little. No deer but got a new area kinda scouted but we did catch a mess of trout.

    Sorry to hear about your folks. That ends up becoming a full time job that doesn't pay worth a darn. Glad to hear your after the pheasants, quick trips like that may be more therapeutic anyway.
    Hey, how did the 338 do at the range?
    We are leaving VA on Oct 16 after my buddy gets off work and will be heading back on Oct 24 after we get done hunting if our tags aren't punched. We probably won't have extra time to do the hunt in 23 but I sure as hell would like to meet and have a beer or breakfast with you depending on what time we can make it work.
    Yes I am, Gunner. Been laying low, beside the fact that I don't have great wi-fi service where I'm living right now. How you been?
    Hope all is getting better for you. One day at a time. Life has been throwing some curves my way lately but such is life. Take care, Andy
    Sounds like it is time for a new job. I have been known to go turkey hunting. Last year I even got one.
    T or C Goat hunt

    I cruised around the East North side of I-25 and Butte. I found nothing, sorry hopefully some else will chime in.... Good Luck!!
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