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  • You still with us Buddy?
    Yeah, I'm still around. Life's gotten a little crazy here. Nothing bad, just seems like it's particularly hectic. I still check in but am mostly a lurker. How's things in OH?
    Has it really been a couple of years + since we talked ?? So much has gone by, so fast. Dad passed a year ago Feb. Mom is in assisted care. I haven't been to the range since my one time after the 338 Fed was finished 2 years ago. How's the family? Say 'Hey" I need to reconnect with the world.........
    Wow it has been a while. Thought about you the other day. My mom passed back in November so I get it. Haven't been seeing too many posts so I figured things were still pretty hectic. Kids doing great and my wife is shooting well enough with her .357 I had better behave. Ha! Good hearing from ya.
    Hey ! It's been a while... so I'm just sitting here in the house, with an Adult beverage #3 on the shy side of giving up the ghost.

    1st, Thanks for the help with the 338. You did me a good one.

    Current situation is keeping me close to home, Reallly close. Mom had a hip replacement last week. Both Mom & Dad in an assisted care facility, for now. I've backed off the work schedule so that I can be at home during the week, because neither can be left unsupervised. Just pulling 12hr shifts on the weekends.

    I'm not big game hunting this year. Pheasants !! It's a quick, easy 1/2 -1 hr little side step on the way home from work and because I'm only working the weekends now, there are zilch other hunters on my public access areas after I get off on Monday mornings.

    I'm just biding my time until the WY '17 season. 'Lope's for sure, Cow Elk or bear as a second tag....we'll just have to wait and see.

    And !! Merry Christmas to you & yours.

    S' Fi

    You're only a couple of weeks away from heading out, right ? Ready, or antsy? I finally decided on my 7mm/08 load, but the rifle still needs zeroed. My backup 308, isn't even close yet. Just not enough time to drive the 1 1/2 hrs to a range around here. But I'll get at least one more in.

    Best wishes of the Hunt God's for ya.

    Keep me posted, 'K.
    When R U going to be in Wyoming ? Maybe grab a doe tag in #23 (I just picked up two), and a beer, if your ying matches my yang ?
    Well, I drew a Lope & Deer tag, you got your Deer tag. Call it even. If I get a deer, you get 1st dibs if you do. Cool?
    Couple of probably dumb questions, but I just don't know.

    Do I need to buy a Conservation tag/permit/license aside from my big game tags?

    Any other quirky crap I need to buy to stay legal?

    Thanks for the help.

    1st one to post that they drew a Lope tag gets 1st dibs on posting their pic the fall ??????
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