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  • So. so sorry. People lose track when life gets in the way. Easy to get on the pity palace... I do keep it touch with Cush on FB Messenger. Ping me a message at 208 841 0227 first so I know if you. Bring a beverage though....
    Thank you Charles! Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family. I am looking forward to being closer to montana this coming year and hopefully we can get together more often than only once a year
    Larry, It was a great time this Thanksgiving! I hope this finds you in great health and planning great adventures! God bless! John
    Thanks Charles,tough hunting this year but fun anyway. I hope you have a good holiday season. How are you doing? Back to where you want to be?
    You too Charles! Hope your holidays go well and your hunting season wraps up nicely. Looks like it's going to be great weather to be out in.
    Thanks! Yes we should have a great Memorial Day if I can get my Honey-Do's done! LOL I need some BBQ Ribs with some Tater Salad! Wishing ya'll the Best! John
    Thanks, I'm in Goodland Kansas right now on my way to Webster reservoir. I have two turkey tags in my pocket and a 3yr old in the back seat that can't stop talking about fishing! Hope you and your family have a great weekend. Good luck in the big game drawings!
    Merry Christmas Charles, Hope you have a Great one with Family and Friends! We have about 25 coming over and the Toys are set up for the Grands in the Shop as it is raining cats and dogs! John
    Appreciate the venue input too. I grew up less than a half mile from the exact spot you brought up, so I know it well. What part of the state do you call home now?
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