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  • Thank you, the tags I have will hopefully pay off! Hope the same for you. I moved there about three years ago, and my wife's family farms there. Have done quite a bit of rabbit and bird hunting around the desert and reservoir
    Andy - Don't fret. That FB post was aimed at a group of people who are trying to imitate OYOA and are doing so for commercial benefit. They continue to try hijack our FB traffic and also have come to Hunt Talk and posted their videos and links to their websites.

    I don't worry about pics like you posted. I do get PO'd with these other companies. I had four of them this week. In fact, one tried to post the same thing five times on the OYOA page, but I have that set to not allow others to start a post on the page.

    Thanks for the note, but I like the kind of critters you take pics of, so they are welcome on my FB page.


    It was tough. There was very little snow, only about 5 inches at the 11k mark. Being 4th season, we were hoping for more. The deer were spread out from 11k to 7k. Also lots of cow elk and doe deer hunters. We hunted hard and found a couple bucks, but nothing special. My buddy killed a 25 inch 4x2, and I shot a 20 inch 4x4. Still fun to hunt colorado though.
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