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  • Thanks for the link to your website. With all due courtesy & respect, I am not really interested in getting all touchy/feely with folks on this or any other website blogs. Nor do I intend to post my hunting resume. On several occasions I've seen the "social networking" aspect of it and how it ends up with hurt feelings. I'm not anti-social but it's just not my style. I'm messaging you so I do not possibly hurt your feelings or to embarrass you on the public blog.
    My inquiry about the area we intend to hunt was intended solely to find out if anyone would be willing to give general information. I don't mind going into new area totally "green" and finding out for myself. I'm not interested in what others might deem improper blog etiquette.
    If other readers do not want to reply I'm ok with it. But again, thanks for the link to your site.
    I noticed you have the NV upland game tag. I killed eight Chukar during my wife's elk hunt.
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