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    Bullet flight

    Well, to answer the question. As long as there is enough spiral to maintain stabilization the bullet will keep course, with the nose in front. Once the stabilization is lost the center of mass will take over, where ever that may be.
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    Bullet flight

    Arm chair, beer drinking thinking, too much about too little. Inside responable ranges there is NO reason to even consider the physics entailed. Ya don't need PHD to drop a 'Lope, Deer, Elk, Pig, or any other anything. Responsible range, quality bullet, sufficient energy, shot placement.....Done.
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    Reloading help...

    Everyone so far seems to be within the sweet spot for Varget & the 140 AB (41.0-43.0, 2750 +/-, 1" groups). OAL is just an individual rifles quirk. As long as your charge doesn't get up past 43.5 gr your still in the safe zone, as long as your not creeping in on the lands.
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    Weight loss

    So, I finally weighed myself for the 1st time in 3-4 months. I've lost 10 pounds......Amazing what a simple haircut will do !
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    Save the date..Hog hunt coming up !

    It was while I was stationed at K' Bay, didn't know anyone with dogs. It was straight up hunt 'um down & Good Luck !
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    The Old Black Telephone

    I know it. 9000 miles away during Desert Shield/Storm, her name was Dot. Countless hours on the com. Never met her, but she had my back when ever, for what ever.
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    Elk broadheads?

    A quick class: Just Soze Ya Noze Archery 101: 1) If it ain't sharp enough not to touch, it ain't sharp enough. 2) Forget about thinking Energy.....Momentum is your life line. 3) If you can shoot it tight, use it. Class dismissed.....
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    Favorite Quarantine Drinks!

    $0.99 Icehouse Tall Boys. I'm retired, it's a budget thing. ;)
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    Save the date..Hog hunt coming up !

    Here are some tips from my Hog hunting in Fla & Hawaii. I had some excellent mentors and actually managed to put some pork in the freezer. 1) NEVER EVER, EVER have the wind at your back. EVER!! 2) Don't waste too much effort on trying to be Stealthful like deer hunting. They actually don't see...
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    Weired things that happened in the field

    In the nights dark, before the sun even thought of breaking the horizon, I screwed my steps into a tree and worked my up, slowly, as quietly as I could. When I got about 10-12 feet up I un-delicately attached the lock-on tree stand, then made even more noise getting set up & settled in. 30 min...
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    Deer meal

    Al Recipes: Burgandy beef stew. Yum.
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    Shot to kill ratio

    The last time I shoot more than 1 round was probably 20 yr's ago. I remember it well. My 308 carbine @ close, close range. I didn't compensate for the height of the scope and hit high. Yes it was that close. 5yd's maybe.
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    High altitude fire starter?

    A match and a dry stick. Duh.