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    Stupidest Mistake Hunting

    Just moved back to NC. Didn't know squat about the area, but it was of the season so I ventured forward and found a comfortable fallen tree to rest my posterior upon, in a good looking area. Saw squat. Next morning woke up with 40000 chiggers on my bewtox..... My wife laughed her a$$ off, in...
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    7mm-08 vs 25-06

    When I checked the ballistics of your chosen two it was amazing that there was not that much difference to make any great concern. That said, the 7/08 uses a bunch less powder (and noise) to do the same thing. Another vote for the 7/08. But Y'all already know my preference toward it.......
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    Where should I move to in MT?

    You should ask Sheldon...
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    2021 Home schooling

    Kids aren't dumb until we teach them to be...
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    Protesters/Rioters? Storm Capital

    Only the "News" has announced that this was a Republican lead insurrection. There are no facts to date. But I will ask all of you, HOW/WHY was it soooooo easy, today, for ANYONE to storm into our Nations electoral process and try to usurp the laws of our Republic ???? Our Government...
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    Which nosler bullet do you prefer?

    That question can not be answered without more specific parameters. What cartridge? What Game? What hunting conditions? You might as well asked who was the cutest girl in high school....
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    M96 44 Mag, Thoughts ?

    I bought one as my pig/deer rifle when I was traversing the lowlands of mid Florida. Put an old Redfield 4X32 on it that I bought back in my college college days (early 70's). My 1st note was that curved steel butt plate had to go bye-bye! It hurt to shoot more than a couple of rounds. Out in...
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    160 gr Accubond for 7mm-08

    In the 7mm class of cartridges I personally feel that the 160's are better utilized in stronger cartridges. The 7/08 is at it's premium performance with 120-140's (close in 150's). Black bears are not that hard to kill. A well constructed 140 will be plenty, with a properly placed shot. That...
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    .284 on a short action?

    I get it. I was the same way about my 338 Fed. Didn't need it, just wanted one for...ohhhh, 20 years. Plus it was a mission to keep me focused on something other than daily annoying BS.
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    Rifle Shot Placement for Least Meat Loss

    I agree100%. Right in the shoulder crease.
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    .284 on a short action?

    Not tryin' to piss on anyone's Cherio's.....but, Why go through all the bother? From 'Yotes to Moose none will die any faster if you just use a 7/08. The money savings can be used to import some 'Lope to VA !! :)
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    Another simple Goodie

    If you're another of the XXX-million that are going to go visit your family anyway...... Here's another simple "OMG, This is SOO Good" recipe. Again, just 3 ingredients: 3 cups of Self rising flour 1 12oz can of room temp beer 1/3 cup sugar Bake in a floured loaf pan for 30 min @ 350. If...
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    shortest shot on a big game animal?

    This still needs to be confirmed by a dependable source, but "Hear Say" is my nephew popped a 160#ish pig at about 6 inches. Story goes that Tim was sitting back against an Oak and the pig just was scarfing up acorns along it's way right up to him. 30/30 in the snout. I'm yet to be convinced.
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    What Cartridges Have You Killed Big Game With This Season?

    Just a couple of whitetails; 7/08 140 BT's, 223 rows on a bean field, 44Mag 240 HP's, 40 yds, in the white oaks. Both Bang/Flops. I think I'll either do bear (the 338 Fed needs some fresh air), or Lopes next year.....or both. WTH, I'm retired & got the $$, just need a tag.

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