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  • Hi Randy, I'm sure you get these notes all the time but I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your shows OYOA & Fresh Tracks. I first started watching them on Carbon TV. I refuse to pay cable tv and it was nice to finally find some good hunting shows to get the blood pumping again. I wish I had the time and money to go and hunt all the neat places you do. Please let me know if you're ever back in the AZ territory and I'll make it a point to come and shake your hand if you have time.

    BTW - Sorry you lost your NM bull! That's happened to our family twice.
    Randy, I hope Kim is doing well. The wife and I will keep her in our thoughts during this time. You take care, Andy.
    Randy: The site is still not right veen though it's back up, as it times out and will not allow me to make a post.
    What is the time limit when responding to a post before it is lost? Getting POed when I spend time responding and then get the "not qualified and have to sign in" which I did, again, but then all is lost. Of course us old farts that only type with two fingers cannot keep up with the geeks. Geez.
    What network will Fresh Tracks be on this coming year? I see advertising for Jim Shockey's Uncharted program on the Outdoor Channel here on this site. I'm hoping that means I will be able to see F.T. on the O.C. also? That would be great as I do not get the Sportmans channel in my cable package.
    Oh PS, if you get a NM Gila tag, let me know, my friend has a cabin down there and we would love to have you come down and bag a Gila-Monster. I have some amazing trail came pics, all public land. You could leave the tent at home and be in the heart of action.
    Randy, my daughter and I LOVE the show. We don't have cable so finding hunting shows are limited to clips we find on youtube and such, but then I found, which lead me to your show. I have watched all the episodes you have posted on there thus far. Oh, my daughter is now 8 weeks old, haha, when her and dad try to let mommy take naps is when we have "Camp Dad" and hang out while watching OYOA. Thank you for doing what you do. With my little girl being born, I couldn't afford to put in the NM draw, and she was born just before turkey season kicked off here, so my hunting this year will be some duck in the winter (if Im lucky), but your show brings me that feeling of being the woods and helps refrain from going crazy not having the funds to get out there this year. I hope for the best for you. Thanks.
    Just want you to know that your show has encouraged me to cash in my points for a self guided hunt, do it myself camp, in unit 20 Co. Mid Sept. Muzz loader hunt. I'll be driving from Florida to Colorado, my fourth elk hunt. Working out the details, but first thing first, getting that non. res. tag. Had 10 points, takes 9, so excited to see my successful draw, can't wait. Hopping to tag my first bull elk. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work.
    Randy, by pure chance I happened to be speaking with a Gardiner area resident about trying to find a young bison for my freezer today. She is in the business, and allows meat shooters like myself to come down and make meat for a reasonable price. She, and everyone that she knows of are presently out of young, prime eating, easy handling thousand pounders at the time. Then, she mentioned what a shame it was that as we were speaking there is a pen full of buffalo down at the Park who will be hauled to slaughter tomorrow morning. What the heck is that all about? Do area sportsmen know about deals like this going on or is it normal business as usual?
    Anyway I did not want to start a bunch of uproar on the forum over second hand information, yet thought you may possibly want to know about it. From my way of thinking it sounds like a loose, loose situation for sportsmen, and for people who value the buf just for their scenic value.
    There you have it! Hope you get that wolf! twodot
    Prayers for your Mrs and also you. Spoil her for awhile, they need that. Three months of doctoring on my Mrs last year from hip surgery due to her wrecking her Honda 70 trail bike 3 years earlier. Also please work on the mental part also. We all need that when we are sick.
    Larry Little
    No time is a good time to have a loved one in the hospital. I can only imagine it was stressful being out of town.
    Hey Randy, I don't get to watch MANY of your episodes so maybe I missed the answer. What do you do with all the meat you end up with? Surely you can't eat all of it. Just kind of curious since it seems like any of the TV show hosts normally take quite a few animals in a season of shows. It adds up to a LOT of meat! Thanks for the site. I get lots of info and enjoyment from it, and just may have made a new friend through here.
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