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  • If this is Randy big thank you for your stand on public land issues, I met you at a show SLC. Retired from the National Park Service I have been lucky to hunt and live in many states. If you want to visit next time in Casper Wy give me a shout. I have antelope tags for 63 a good deer tag in 87 and cow elk in 111
    I'm a game warden down in texas. another warden and I have hunted the broadus area several times for deer, but are now wanting to chase elk. I have another LEO friend that hunts the area around the custer NF. I understand that area requires a special permit draw as well. I've see your elk hunt shows several times and its seems they are in the western part by looking at the terrain. my question is, what would you do if you were in my shows if I don't draw the special permit in SE MT? I hate to loose money on a tag i can't use or loose on refund. ive looked at the units in the SW part of the state as back up. I talked to GF office and they said some units just require a general lic. I know zero about the west side. also I wanted to say, love the show. best on tv. im not a fan of outfitting, high $$ leases. I hunt here in texas and its expensive. seems like too many people now of days just want to buy their way to a kill. thanks for any light you can shed.

    Thanks for your comment on the thread I started on Mule Deer hunting in unit 410. Are the deer #'s that low or is it just not a good deer unit? were not one of those hunters that like to drive around all day, we like to get up early and will put some miles on the boots to get away from the road. Could you recommend a unit that is close by there that might be better? Last year we went south to Broadus and a really tough time, the blocks of BLM land were hunted out and not a deer to be found on Public lands.
    Thanks again Randy
    Did you buy a landowner tag in Nevada? I did not see your name on the secsefull page. Good luck to you either way.
    Last year we played an OYOA DVD loop in our lunch area at your Youth Outdoor Activity Day (with your permission) in Alexandria, Minnesota. It was extremely successful with 542 kids in attendance. Yes, 542. This year we expect more than 1,000. Total attendance might go north of 2,000. Is it okay for us to play it again? If you want our powerpoint that gives a lot more detail, I can email that to you easily.
    Thanks for all your time spent in support of our public land. More could be said though I think that sums up an incredible appreciation for your efforts!
    Hi, Randy.
    I was wondering what size boat and motor you use on your walleye fishing trips. I would like to move up a bit from my 14 ft with a 25 ho. Been looking just trying to get some idea of what ,ay work for the wife and, and her two little dogs. I hope all is well with you and your family. Andy
    It was great to meet and talk with you at the BHA Rendezvous.
    Look forward to the pod cast. If you ever run out of podcast ideas my buds and I would make a road trip to discuss resident/ non resident license fees or whatever else came up.

    I know you mentioned the ducks in potholes area of WA. If your ever in the area in the fall/winter and want to hunt some ducks send me a message. I grew up hunting the public areas here with my grandfather, uncle and dad. Just a stone throw away from where I currently live in Wenatchee.
    Ryan Los
    WA BHA member
    Randy, sorry to bother you this way, but two other electronic attempts to reach you have failed. Back in October I ordered your DVDs. Never received them. Here is the PayPal Transaction ID #7ER91402XM1460122. Please help. Mark
    what type of sling set up do you have on your rifle? I think that under the arm carry would be nice for carrying and hiking.

    Thanks and good luck
    Hi Randy, I was watching the last two hunts on fresh tracks and I kind of like the pack you are wearing. What is the brand and model ect? Is it comfortable?
    Hi Randy, I'm sure you get these notes all the time but I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your shows OYOA & Fresh Tracks. I first started watching them on Carbon TV. I refuse to pay cable tv and it was nice to finally find some good hunting shows to get the blood pumping again. I wish I had the time and money to go and hunt all the neat places you do. Please let me know if you're ever back in the AZ territory and I'll make it a point to come and shake your hand if you have time.

    BTW - Sorry you lost your NM bull! That's happened to our family twice.
    Randy, I hope Kim is doing well. The wife and I will keep her in our thoughts during this time. You take care, Andy.
    Randy: The site is still not right veen though it's back up, as it times out and will not allow me to make a post.
    What is the time limit when responding to a post before it is lost? Getting POed when I spend time responding and then get the "not qualified and have to sign in" which I did, again, but then all is lost. Of course us old farts that only type with two fingers cannot keep up with the geeks. Geez.
    What network will Fresh Tracks be on this coming year? I see advertising for Jim Shockey's Uncharted program on the Outdoor Channel here on this site. I'm hoping that means I will be able to see F.T. on the O.C. also? That would be great as I do not get the Sportmans channel in my cable package.
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