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  • Larry, your granddaughter have an opportunity to swim when the regular Olympics come around?
    Thanks, Larry, Very kind of you. I read your message to Kim and she asked me to let you know how great she feels to read all of the kind words from Hunt Talkers.

    Best to you.

    Yup, just tell them you had my permission, so nobody jumps on you about posting it.

    Hi Larry, have been a bit busy and just now got around to responding to your message. We had Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law and her family instead of going to my son's which is the normal routine.
    I've been piddling with guns recently, no hunting this year as yet, as the wife had a pace maker/defibrillator installed three weeks ago and I'm needed here. She's on the mend now, but still sore and not able to have full use of her left arm yet. Hopefully this will afford her a better and longer life; I'd surely be lost without her and it grieves me to see her suffer in any way.
    Thanks for the greeting, hope you and Judy had a peaceful Thanksgiving up in the woods. How is she doing now, is she through with the therapy and getting along well? Let me hear how you guys are doing.
    Stay in touch! As always, Ron and Roseann Tyner
    Thank you! Thought we were cooking for both daughters and families. They were still undecided (due to spouses parents) so we called it and told them gram and I are headed to OR to the cabin and spend a quiet turkey day. Hope you guys have a good one!
    Happy thanksgiving IDNative to you and your family! One of the favored holidays!
    Happy Birthday Larry; I thought you were an old fart. I hit 70 a week ago Friday, celebrated by going up to the mountains with my bride and caught 7 rainbow totaling 10 lbs., then came back to town and had a big feed with my kids and grands. It's great to have your progeny around you. Later, Ron
    Thanks! Same to you and your family. Just came in from irrigating so we can leave tomorrow after work. Really going to be good to get away.
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