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Gerald Martin
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  • Gerald - dropped you a PM; but don’t know if it went through (just recently hit 10 posts so I don’t know if it may have gotten hung up due to that requirement).
    Gerald, I saw your post regarding fall black bear. I will be about 10 miles south of Sula for 6 days as my wife is visiting family in the area. I have purchased a bear tag as I plan to hunt most days...any suggestions /guidance would be appreciated.

    Thx for posting your emails to candidates concerning their stances on selling off federal lands! Copied/edited and sent mine off too. Good luck on the draws!

    Tom Wagner (Lv2hnt) in Arizona
    Cell: (480)760-3868
    Email: [email protected]
    Hope your Thanksgiving held great family enjoyment! Merry Christmas, Gerald!
    Gerald, would be great to chat with ya around the hunt camp fire. Hope it all works out!
    Hello Gerald! I live in Troy and just drew a goat tag for the Cabinets. I would love to talk to you and pick your brain for all the info I could get. I watched your video with Don Strine and recognize the lake.
    Esau, I would expect them to start at anytime with the weather we've been having. Low 30's at night @ up to the mid 40's in the day down in the valley. I haven't been out yet but plan on getting out a bit tomorrow night and Sat. I take it you mean mule deer? The little whitey bucks around my house haven't shown much sign of chasing yet. Next two weeks should be great.

    You coming up?
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