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  • You keep posting sad faces by my posts. Feel free to reply to them if I posted something factually wrong or PM me if you have a strong disagreement that you don't want out in the open. I'd be glad to discuss. I'm not sure why contrary factual data would make one sad. Just from reading your posts over the last couple years I took you as someone that evaluates situations and thinks for yourself.
    Sad faces are because it's sad that you and a couple others refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming consensus of scientists from around the world. Facts are facts regardless of politics. The number of cases are fact, the number of dead are fact. The virus doesn't care if you are conservative or liberal. Unless you partake from the "alternative facts" BS. You have posted no factual data.
    I posted the number of deaths in Italy and China and also posted the normal deaths in those countries. That is factual data for perspective. I do acknowledge that this is very bad. To what degree of bad nobody knows for sure at this time. I'm hoping it isn't as bad. You think it will be worse. Time will tell.
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