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  • Awe come on ya gotta let it ride for a bit! Otherwise I would not have fessed up to you quick.
    My bad...I'm gonna need a gullible peanut gallery preemptive strike notice.
    That time of year to give thanks and appreciate family & friends! Hope your Thanksgiving held great family enjoyment! Merry Christmas!
    Hi NHY.... name is Scott.... I like your taste in music and bout everything I've read that you have posted makes sense to me. Good sense of humor too....
    I just wanted to say hi and maybe get to know you a little better. I love this forum.... many good people here.... some smart ass people too but most are good folks.
    What guitars do you have?
    I have three.....two LP copies and a Sigma Martin acoustic.
    Fender Superchamp amp (love it, tube/ solid state hybrid)
    gotta run for now but would love to chat sometime.
    If not, good luck this year my friend.
    Miss Grace picking her pickles. Doesn't matter if they are cukes or zucchini they are still pickles.

    Pretty in pink. Thanks for the pic. Madden is at my house waiting for me to come home from the office.
    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family, Ken! Your family tree keeps growing!
    Happy Memorial Day to you and your family!
    Hope recovery is progressing as you expect!
    Hello Russ. All is well here. Working and enjoying the family.Good hearing from are things with you?
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