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  • Hey 1-Pointer, I read your message on another thread about hunting in the Pilot's on the NV UT boarder. I drew an Elk tag up there this year and saw you mentioned spending some time up that way. I'd love to pick your brain about a few spots i'm looking at checking out this summer.
    Jesse 702-338-9858
    Hey 1-pointer, just wondering how your food plots are looking and if deer are hitting them hard or not.
    Very cool!
    Did a lot of work in and around Noblesville. I grew up and lived about 5 miles from Sheridan so I know the area well.
    I coached high school football and wrestling at Clinton Central for several years and at the time two Hamilton County schools were in the conference.
    All the years I lived in Indiana I never made it to Evansville. I do know that Crawford Co. is a good place to be come deer season.
    Thank you for chatting with me.... my name is Scott btw.
    Hi 1 Pointer.... just curious where in Indiana you live. I grew up between Frankfort and Kokomo. Still carry and use a lifetime hunting license though I live in Ohio now. I have two Indiana camps to hunt (privately owned by friends) one in Clinton County outside of Lafayette and the other in Martin County south of Shoals pretty close to Martin State Forest. My passion changed in the late 90's when I discovered the Rocky Mtns and elk hunting. Live for it now.
    Anyway just thought I would make contact and say hey. Good luck to you in your adventures this coming hunting season(s).
    Indiana had nothing to do with it. I figured maybe you were a biologist, and I know how they sometimes move around. You got me on the gopher deal. I shoot them sometimes, but not at yardages that make them easy. Shooting horses is "different" to me as I grew up on one. Besides, no way in Hell a horse hunt ever happens. Wolves were tough enough.
    I respect your experience with wild horses. Mine is based on 12 years in Nevada "being around them" as a sportsman and living around them. I understand the need to manage them, but I'm not going to lower myself to killing something so easy to kill, even IF the opportunity was ever presented. Kinda my point from the beginning.
    Hi Terry, My name is Tom Angott and new to the web site. I am intrested in mule deer hunting and would like to know if you could help me out. I live in Michigan ( Metro-Detroit ). Some of the best Walleye fishing around early spring. Willing to share information or even guide to fish the river. 5 to 10lbs are very common.
    Hey 1_pointer, Smokey76 here,
    I am trying to add you to my friends list and contacts.
    By the way my name is Terry Slone, I am 33, married, and have 4 kid's 3 boy's and one girl, how about you ?
    Plus I don't know when you work, but if you have time, maybe I can give you a call it's free for me to call you, to just BS about the bear hunt, let me know what you think.
    My e-mail is [email protected], talk to ya soon.
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