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  • Hey, Dale! Pulled into Livingston last night and have a couple hours to kill before we can show up at camp. Figured I'd check in and see how your season was going and wish ya luck with the rest of it!

    Saw today was your birthday. Hope you get to do something to make it a special one! Enjoy your winter --- stay warm and be safe ...

    --- Tom in Arizona
    I agree, a horse hunt will never happen. What we really need are some French wolves; the kind that like to eat horses!
    I understand your position. I also figure you asked my about my experience since my location now reads Indiana. Correct?

    I just happen to have seen to much of the bad side of their managment and its resulting impacts. Too much of anything is still too much.

    Heck, I'll gladly shoot prairie dogs and ground squirrels which are quite easy targets. ;) IMO, they have more of a 'right' to be there than the horses.
    I worked for the BLM in Utah for 8 years. The office I was in had 3 wild horse herds and a wild horse holding/adoption center we were responsible for. Though I was not in the wild horse 'program' much of the work I did (range management) was directly related to or impacted my wild horses and their management.
    I see. Its going to suck if anyone can shoot a shotgun or blach powder during archery season. I hunt alot in the lowlands and this is not good.
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