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  • Sounds like a plan. Just get with me when you know the details. (765) 376-7718. Talk to ya soon.
    I work in C'ville. I hate to hear they leased that ground, but, I can't blame them either. I have been extremely lucky and haven't had to lease anything. . .yet. You will have to let me know when you come to town next. Good luck getting ready for the season Scott.
    Hello. I'm in southern Montgomery Co. I hunt here mostly but have property in Parke and Vermillion too. We do ok, but as you know it takes a lot of time and work. I'm still glad IN is still kind of "off the radar". I just now got a few cams out here in Mont co. . .should have some decent pics in a few weeks. Nice chatting with you. Jeff
    I currently live in Noblesville on the NE side of Indy. I grew up in Gibson County, north of Evansville, but did most of my hunting in Pike County. Now I spend most of my hunting time in Crawford County. I own some land + cabin there with my brother in law, plus it's one of the few counties with a good amount of public ground.

    I hear ya on the West ruining hunting here for you. My wife and I lived in UT for 9 years while I went to graduate school and then worked for the BLM. I used to get paid to do what I have to take vacation to do now... Good luck to you as well.
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