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    My 12 Year Old Son and SCI

    Well done... something to be proud of .... for both of you. Remarkable talent.
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    Bag Dump video follow up

    Very warm rather. Thanks Randy...I wondered about the hat. Gotta have one.
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    Time to roll

    Thank you friends .... just grabbed a quick bite and fuel at Iowa 80..... at least we are west of the Mississippi now.
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    Time to roll

    Finish up packing tonight after work, then off to Indiana tomorrow morning to meet up with my buds (x3). Going to do one more short range session prior to leaving for NW Colorado tomorrow afternoon. Chasing pesky cow elk this year but still will be a well deserved- fun vacation in the...
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    Bear eats Kayak.

    No bleeding, but ugh!!! Sounds like someone's Ex to me.
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    Bighorn sheep advice

    Very cool! Nice ram! Looks like some very steep and beautiful country. Had to be a hunt of a lifetime. Congrats!
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    Fallen giant

    Pretty amazing!
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    Hopeing for snow !

    I have noticed lately you have had a snake phobia.... I don't like them either. I do like the snow, however, its so much easier to see what the animals are doing. Good luck!
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    Hopeing for snow !

    Right there with ya.... leaving next Tuesday. Looking at the extended forecast it doesn't look like much of a chance but that can always change.
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    Got my 2014 bull back

    Very cool..... nicely done.
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    BUSY weekend!

    Good job young man!
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    Two way radio/ GPS

    Good idea Rob... I am going to look into it.
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    Two way radio/ GPS

    Both of your experinces reflect the negative reviews on cabelas. I was looking at the Rhino 650 which is on sale for $349 I think. The cons you describe are exactly my fears and I think I'll pass. I have an iPhone 5 but where I hunt it rarely has service so communication is out. Think...
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    Alaska moose

    Good for you.... happy you were able to fulfill your dreams. Would like to do that myself some day.
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    Two way radio/ GPS

    I have read through some of the threads on GPS units and now I think I would like to upgrade mine. It is only 4 years old but a basic unit that is not map capable. I would like to be able to get the OnXmaps system as well because next year I will be hunting OTC units that I am not familiar...