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  • Hey Jeff,
    Just letting you know I am coming home on Aug 29th to do some shooting and planning for our elk hunt. Not sure how things are going to work out timing wise but we might be able to hook up for a minute and chat or grab a beer if you want.
    If you are interested I will PM my contact info to you.
    Nice... I have a good friend who lives in Crawfordsville. My friends and I had 3000 Ac in Parke Co which was full of turkey and deer. Harvested several 140+ bucks and a ton of does. Base Camp Leasing came in and offered a butt load of money to the owner and he couldn't turn it down.
    I agree with you regarding off the radar. They all can think we are just a bunch of hillbillies that hunt from tree stands. I really had a change of heart though once I started hunting out west. I don't put as much effort into the deer hunting as I used to.
    Good luck this year Jeff.... my name is Scott (not Jr. Samples, lol)
    Whereabouts do you live? I grew up in Clinton County. Still leave Ohio to go back and deer hunt. We have 200+/- Ac in Clinton and 101 in Martin County. Cabins on both parcels.
    I need to dig up some photos to put on my profile.
    Just thought I would say Hi. Looks like you do well in your area. Most do not realize the possibilities of Indiana hunting.
    oh yeah! I'm pumped!! All my gear is layed out and ready to pack. . .I bet Ive gone through it 5 times this week. I'm going to shoot again on Sunday and then I'm packin stuff!! Jeff
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