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  • I've been trying to give away a ziplock of .323" flat nose spizters. You want 'em?
    Ben Lamb
    Yeah, that thread won't die. lol. I think i was posting on that a few years ago. That itch is currently scratched with a 338 WM and I've gone more towards standard cartridges than magnums lately anyway.
    ...flat BASED spizters...." 🥴
    I'm dreaming of a run to collect all the .358"s up to .358 STA. Like I actually have money....
    Haven't tried 200's....again, IMO. stretching would be inhibited in the Montana's magwell. 2900 for a 200 might be a feat Ben. Think the heaviest I loaded were some 185 VLD & don't recall the fps....wanted to test some 190 AB's but they never became available during my CDS ballistic run up recipe days. Now a 300 win mag might be a better choice if 200gr is your benchmark.
    How a preference for a particular type of gun turns into a cat fight about someone being better than someone else, is one of the reasons I have almost quit posting on the Campfire. It appears it is as
    bad over here. If I use a nice gun in rough country, it isn't as rough as theirs. No winning here...
    Ben, thanks for your response. It's nice to be able to have a conversation with someone who has some opposing views, that remains civil. Keep the pictures coming. They help ease the wait for someone who gets to spend but a few short weeks each year in your beautiful state.
    I searched the document for "HR1126" "H.R.1126" "H.R. 1126" and "public lands" and nothing turns up?
    Cool! Thanks Tarheel, I was looking through MC last night, but missed the thread. I'll sign up over there as I get rolling on the conversion. I imagine the refurbish of the Gerard scope is going to be pricey.
    Ben, heard back from one of the Mauser Central administrators who said he had a converted M1888. He said the grooves had been opened up to .323 and a notch had been placed on the rear of the receiver ring as was done to '98's which were converted to 30-06. Probably would still be advisable to have a smith slug the bore and mike everything well. Good luck. RT
    Haha! Classic link... Ya, I would not want this tool representing us as well... (j/k :) ) All joking aside, really appreciate your time and effort representing our interests. Thank you!
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