Best rewards credit card for hunters?


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Feb 18, 2019
I sidelined my Cabela's card recently, too. I had billing trouble with it as others have described and sadly, Cabela's is not what it used to be. I took Big Fin's advice regarding debit cards and have stopped using mine almost entirely. Presently, I'm using a Delta SkyMiles AmEx card wherever I can and back it up with a Chase Southwest VISA. I studied before deciding on an everyday card. And btw, I've found AmEx customer service to be outstanding compared to other banks. The annual fee is a lot to swallow, but the benefits seem to outweigh it so far. I suppose the best card for you is the one with most benefits specific to your needs. For me, I try to offset my travel expenses as much as possible, so the SkyMiles card is a good fit.