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    -I’ve been looking at unit 331, 319, and 321. Did you like any one more than the other area?
    -What was the word on griz while you were there?

    Thanks in advance,
    devon deer
    devon deer
    Sorry you are asking the wrong guy, ask on the main forum, it was years ago I hunted there. We did a short hunt there, in the end we weren't seeing much so moved to Dillon and got elk and deer
    -We plan on going out late September with a camper and hunting until we fill tags or nov 6th comes. Knowing that, would you focus in a particular mountain range that may be better suited for a long-term trip?
    -We have a sxs, 4-wheeler and dirt bike. Would you take any one over the others? Leave any of them?

    I came across your thread from a few years ago. I had a few questions.

    -Were you successful?
    -What dates did you hunt?
    -I saw you were looking into the pioneer mountain area. Is that where you ended up?
    -Did you use the trail systems a lot or dive immediately off them at the first chance?
    -I've never hunted Montana before, about what elevation were you finding game?
    Hey Jared, been asking myself a lot of the same questions and have some ideas to hunt the pioneer mountains in the upcoming rifle season. Find and PM me on Instagram @ jgarneeks if you're interested and want to bounce ideas back and fourth... Plan on being out there as long as it takes and should have access to 2 horses to help any pack out if we are fortunate enough to fill tags.
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