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  • I'm interested in that Alpacka Caribou if you are still selling it. For some reason when I log in to reply to the original post it disappears. Just let me know. Thanks!
    Hi. I've been doing a lot of research on forums, and saw your posts about using a dry bag to fly meat home. I have a lanai trip for myself and then for my son coming up. Do you happen to know what size dry bag you use? I was looking at some 100l and 150l but didn't know if that would be overkill. Thanks for your time.
    glass eye
    glass eye
    Can't be overkill because you can roll it down to the size you need.
    You can make a large bag smaller but you can't make a small bag larger.
    Thank you.
    well after I messaged you I did a little research. I see I missed the drawing deadline(which answers a couple of my questions).

    But if I read it correctly there are no tag fees?

    How hard is it to draw a permit?

    I will definitely be putting the date on my calendar for this year and make sure I get my name in the hat. If you have any input on archery vs. rifle I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks again,
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