Hunt Talk Hillybilly Fest Results {PICS}


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Mar 18, 2002
Here's the pics, They can tell the story.
I will say that the buck scored 169 Gross B&C rough score



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WOW!!!! I hope I get one like that some day. Great job turkey eye. No one in my or more ammo's familes has gotton one that good. don
This was another great year at the Hillbilly Fest!

Here are a couple more pics of with the "patch" hat from last year and one from a different angle...

great buck, my kids are still trying to get 1 deer and hes got great bucks 2 years in a row.bags are packed see you guys next year. oh yeah, nice doe nut and congrats on raising good hunters
We're right proud of both Nut's boys...I told Nut that TurkeyEye has ice in his veins.

Speaking of ice,
every body left right on it warmed up to 65+/- degrees and not a stinkin' thing moving in the woods after about 8 AM. :angry: The rut switch seems to have just about switched back to the "off" position. I swear that TurkeyEye brings that luck down with him and takes it when he goes.
First let me comment on dad's (Nut) trophy doe. While many people posting on the thread may have overlooked your beauty, I did not. Fantastic deer, but it doesn't haven't poop on ol' TE's beast
WTG Turkeyeye!!!

Good pictures too!
Been a little processing and wrapping meat here.

The head and cape is at Bill M's and will be at the taxidermist tomorrow.

What I would like to state now is this. Darren Gibson is a great host and especially is someone who I feel honored to call friend. There is more I would like to state but I believe that Darren knows how I feel.

Flipper tried to help LittleNut get his first deer by allowing 3 deer to go past him within shooting range in order to have my youngest a shot. Poor Dad was oblivious to 2 of them and then we muffed the chance on the 3rd doe. Thanks Flipper for letting them slide past.

YoungRobinHood is a fine young gentleman and hunter. He has been taught well and understands many things. I would be homored by hunting with him anytime.

Meathead is a heck of a guy. He is generous with his knowledge and abilities. He is a trustful person and has my upmost respect and gratitude.

I would trust my children in their supervision without any reservations.

I have more tales to spin but will let the facts out slower.

BTW Friday Night at the Cracker Barrel. Meathead.Flipper and Darren told the boys that they couldnt shoot anything smaller than the one on the wall there.

TE followed the instructions didnt he?

I also would like a Pop.
Way to go Team-Nut. Looks like you guys had a great hunt. Way to go on the monster Turkey-eye.
Nut, Kudos of the Nut family this year... Looks like you have an Up and Coming "Greenhorn" in the Family
What does Vip think of you Hog tieing another "DOE" in the field