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  • What happened to your Facebook profile??? I was going to show somebody a picture of the Trick or Treat buck.....
    Sorry Ovis, I didn't see this reply you made until today. That is the area I took my bear in this spring, west side of Raspberry. The western half of Raspberry, from Onion Bay west, is state land also from west of Muskomee Bay to a little west of the outlet of Malka Bay is open to the public (Joint Venture Land). That covers about half of the area your friend has a tag for. I'd fly into Upper Malina and glass the mts on both sides those bears will be moving back and forth looking for food and den sites. Some guys take a small motor and zodiak with to use on the lake. Have him take a look at the Afognak A-4 quad it shows what's open to the public, basically ANC is off limits and AJV is open to the public. http://dnr.alaska.gov/mlw/planning/easmtatlas/kodiak/indexmap.htm
    Thanks Trevor. Hope your summer is going well for you. Here is the information he sent me about his draw...

    About Afognak; it is in DB263 which is the lower portion of the island including Raspberry Island. Unfortunately most of that area is owned by the Native Coorp and you have to get permits from them before staying around Afognak Lake. I don't think it will be too difficult but we will see. Any information or advice you can send my way will be much appreciated since you have done similar hunts.
    Which area did he draw, spring or fall? There's not much for cabins over there. I think there's one on the east side and maybe up on the north end. Andrew Air and Seahawk fly people into Malina Bay and set them up on a little island at the head of Malka Bay. You can glass from the island and if you see something run to it in a zodiac. The south side of malina bay is SW Afognak and the north side is Central Afognak. A good spot if he drew central and not too bad if he drew SW. If its SW he could also fly into Upper or Lower Malina lake. I think there's a cabin there, not sure if it's F&G or native though. The head of Onion Bay on Raspberry wouldn't be bad either. Hope that helps.
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