Bought a new Home for Alaska...


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
693840.jpg storeId=8000&catalogId=40000008000&productId=47636985&parent_category_rn=4500456

LOOKS like that will be my home for 18 days in the Tundra... Just picked her up !!!!
Congrats on the new house. I am sure it will look cool in a picture with a couple of moose racks anchoring corners.
MTmiller... I hope so, I'd be happy with just my dad and a picture of a Rack !!

Buzz... YAH, I bought the Footprint for Extra Wet deflection for the underneeth.. And it's a 4 season.... My kids are making sure it's Bullet proof as we speak... They're "TEST RUNNING" it

TK, if it doesn't work.. I'm getting a refund.. Not a gift fund

NUT.. Funny you should ask... I was just on the Phone with my dad... ANd I know my Wife almost cut my NADS off when I came through the door last year with the new Internal Frame Camo Kelty 6000 Cub Inch pack... Remember that trick ?!?! EEK !! But I think that a Good External one for PAcking all the crap is going to be needed for the trip....

Not bought yet, but I see me and Dad in a pair of these ....

Kelty 50th Anniversary Pack (GREEN TEA)


I have a Sierra Designs Clip 3 Flashlite that is four years old now. Still just as good as the day I purchased it. I didn't get the footprint for it, instead I use a small blue tarp. Those tarps if need be, are good for many other things, a footprint is simply a footprint. Congrats on a quality tent. I've staired at the roof of my tent for 72 hours straight during a snow storm. I think you'll find even the nicest tents will get old after a few weeks though, especially if you ever get weathered in.

Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight CD $169.00 Item 680591


I got 12" more width and 15 more in the VEstibule and only 4.5" inside length.. Although ther will be 2 of us in the tent aswell...

I think that you're correct with the "WEATHERED" comment, but Unless it's Snowing to be hell... I'll be out in the Rain or light snow as long as there is daylight hours... I'm not up there only to be looking at the Cieling of the Tent...

My sleeping bag is rated -5 REI and is a punpkin orange 1/2 striped which matches the tent.. I didn't realize that til I just put it in there .... MY dad is looking to get the :The North Face Dark Star -40 - Long (RED) Average total weight 4 lbs. 14 oz. The price blows me away at only "$289.00 " whicj IS alot.. But comparable bags in Down run the $600 mark..... He lives IN Kwajalien (MArshal Islands) So he's worried about the cold nights !!! Here's a picture....


Seems like a bit overboard on some of our stuff... But it could be a once in a lifetime hunt and We've been saving along time.....

Here is another tent we're Bringing... It's my 2 man BAckpack tent.. I bought it last year and Like it.. It's the MSR. ZOID II
Average packaged weight 4 lbs. 10 oz.

Wrong tent Moosie, you must think I like my hunting partners. I have the three man version. At the time it was running something like $325.


This is what it looks like now. Same design, different color. Mine is blue and white with a vibrant blue fly.

SD makes great tents, you got yourself a good'n.
Moosie, I've got the one man version of the Zoid. How do you like yours? Really light, that's what I liked!


I think they dropped the flashlight recently on the 3 man...I dunno, but that be the tent. I whipped out a pic to scan and post, but I just found out my scanner is fried...bummer. It was of one when we were hammered in with snow, which was the time I laid in the tent looking at the walls for 72 hours.

Only thing I didn't care for regarding the tent was, they didn't give you any guy lines, and they only gave you enough tent stakes for the tent itself, you had to purchase extras for the fly. Never understood that one. SD stated the tent in the bag weighed 4 lbs, now that I have everything it is right about 5 lbs.

Treat the tent before you head out Oscar. Make sure you put some silicone on the fly and some seam sealer on all the stitches.

Looks like a good tent oscar. Ovis's tent is nice and his kinda turned me on to SD's tent. The only thing I wish they come with is an air conditioner. It was pretty warm when we were out.

I hope you guys arent bringing sleeping bags filled with down. If so you better make sure that tent doesnt leak.
vis , I specifically talked to them about Pretreating the tent, they said it was well treated and I could bring some Seam Sealer if I wa sunderwater for several weeks...

I'd love to see what the tent could hold up with in alot of snow but I'd hate to be out in it.. At that point it isn't fun any more...

One thing I REALLY like about this tent is it's a 4 season/3 season tent. I can Unzip the Inner barrier and expose a Netting like a Sunroof. The fron and Back open up and the doors unzip to a point and they duck away in a side Compartment. there is "Sock Dryers" and things to hang stuff inside and pouches on the side. I don't know about the stakes yet becasue I've only set it up at REI and then last night in the house. I will bring it outside today and Stake her down..

LBG, YAH, I have 700 Fill down in my bag, I hear about the wetness problem but hopefully we set up good and the tent stays dry. Hell, thats the whole reason for buying it... DAD has a synthetic -40 bag (Or will have) and it drys put a lot quicker and stays warmer moister... I'm just planning to keep mine dry

Your risking a big chance with the down during that part of the year. You have been warned, and you should know that synthetic is the way to go. If you opt to go that route, you may want to think about a bivy sac for your bag...just another form of insurance. Same thing goes with the tent treatment, you can't ever have enough insurance.

YAH YAH.... I might go the Bivi route, I got a Great new bag and to Dump several hundred bucks on a new Synthetic isn't on my list of things to buy..... But thanx for the warning
I'll take the Bivi Condom

Is this something like I need ?
Tacoma Mountain Rescue Storm Shelter
$4.75 Item 357001


Or is that just a "TARP" to wrap up in... For the Price I could buy a couple of them

I looked at Bivi sacks and HELL.. I might as well buy a New Synthetic bag
OAK.. YAH, Most tents like that are real light.. I liked the Compact length of the poles of the Zoid tent.. they were a few Inches shorted folded then most tents... Hence a better fit for the pack. But nice and Light too....

vis, yah, I figured ya liked them
BUT, thats not the "FLASHLIGHT version.. Acording to REI, the Flashlight is the 2 man.. That's the "Sierra Designs Clip 3 CD $229.00 Item 680590" I like the looks of the Specs though.. NICE fuggin Tent... I think all the 2 man are about the same and the 3 man are all about the same any more

I hope it's a good one.... LIke My buddy BUZZ said.. AK weather will let me know if its not

Those are all emergency blankets. A good bivy will double as an emergency shelter, but an emergency blanket won't give you a pretective barrier for your bag. Your gonna spend in the neighborhood of $100 for a good bivy unless you can find some deals going on. I have a never been used gortex bivy I can lend to you if you would like. I have a synthetic bag therefore I never use it, but even if I decided to use it, I wouldn't backpack with it as it is a bit too heavy for my taste. I don't think you'll be doing too much backpacking so it is yours to use if you want. It'll save you from having to purchase one for the time being.

Let me know!

PS...If you don't use a bivy sack, still take an emergency blanket, just don't take one of those $1 foil blankets, all they are good for is taking a dump on.
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