Who is still hunting?


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Mar 28, 2001
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Who still has time to fill some tags?

We have until Jan 31st for whitetails here.

Vipe is taking LittleNut Sunday for a youth controlled deer hunt and then the following weekend it is muzzleloader season which I will be out again. Then the following weekend I am taking TurkeyEye for a youth muzzleloader hunt.

So we have a few more tries left.

Anybody else still at it?
I really don't think Washington has anymore hunting for this year. Good luck on your hunts.

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I have until Jan. 1st to wack and stack, however I've actually only been out a few times this year. I may take out my muzzleloader this weekend and see if I can't fill a doe tag for some more venison and hopefully a good hunt. I'd like to get some more bow hunting in, but that is time allowing.
We have until Jan 11th...I have 8 doe and 3 buck tags that can be filled by season end.
SC season open until Jan 1st. Still have two doe tags, but limited time to hunt. Mike.
Muzzleloader and permit shotgun until Jan 15th. Then winter bow until Jan 31. Only thing after that is varmints until mid February, and crows until March 20.
Kids last hunt will be Jan 17 & 18. For me I'm can hunt till Jan 11.

Go get'em little nut. You to TE.
We have until Jan. 16th, thats including muzzle loarder season. I have taken a 9 point and two does, one had no fat what so ever, so I ground her up with thirty pounds of smoked bacon ends and pieces and made 71lbs of patty sausage. Goooooood!!!!!!!!!!! That leaves me three more to get. I process the Deer and my two girls and their families will just about empty it by next season. But they are'nt allowed to touch my Elk meat!

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Here in good ol MD we got a few weeks left...
Bow season untill friday, then muzzy from the 20th of Dec to the 3rd of Jan, then bow till the 8th, then gun for a couple more days then bow untill the 31st... it gets pretty confussing.

This is after a month of bow season starting the 15th of sept, and then a week end of either sex muzzy, followed by a weekend of antlerless muzzy, then a four weeks of bow season again, then gun season for two weeks and.... you get the picture

I got so many holes left to punch... I think I can shoot something like 25 more bucks and all the does I want, literly... no limit... I've only killed three this year here and would very much like to take out about 3 more. But I don't think I would feel like I accomplished anything, beings how they gave me so many tags to fill...
Here in Oklahoma we still have 2 3 day weekends to take a Doe with a rifle and until January 15th with a Bow. I also plan purchasing 3 Doe tags for Kansas for January antlerless season. Those KS Does are really big compared to our does and will certainly help me fill my freezer.
But until then I plan going out this Saturday here in Oklahoma and see if I can fill a doe tag. Good Luck to all.
Got till Jan 15 to fill two buck tags and 5 doe tags. Wish me luck! (all with bow, which I cant seem to kill anything bigger than a grouse with)
Seeker- You hunting the 260 zone?
Man I need to get maker there next year and put some (doe) meat in the freezer!

Good luck to you!
Hey Nut,

We have rifle season until January 31st and I'm down to ONLY 23 doe tags.

But No Worries, I've still got bullets

I'm still bowhunting to try for a good buck I spotted.
Down here (like most of the south) You can bow hunt during rifle season.
Well, the hunt today was pretty short. After LittleNut passed on a couple of does we finally saw a buck. (Not sure how many points he had but he looked nice). WE was waiting for him to pass by some tall grass and a tree for the shot when after what seemed to be a eternity we saw that he must of cuaght our scent and went away from us in the cover. He ended up out of range but we watched him for a couple of more minutes.

Then LN got tooo cold and we went back to car to warm up. He then juts asked to go home so he wouldnt get cold again.

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