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  • Oops... sorry John. Think I saw Larry's name below and flubbed your name.
    That time of year to give thanks and appreciate family & friends! Hope your Thanksgiving held great family enjoyment! Merry Christmas, Larry!
    Have a great Thanksgiving! You, your family and now an added branch to your family tree. :) Your input on UTV's is a core reason for our choice - thanks again.
    Happy Memorial Day to you and your family!
    Hope all is going well for ya!
    Thanks. That is Tessie, she is from Mamou, Louisiana. I just bought her this year and she is not what I would call finished. I did take her on a Bear Hunt last month and rode her for 20 tough mountain trails. I had people wanting to buy her right up until I loaded her up! I have a TWH that I bred to a Gaited Mammoth Jack, so I am looking forward to seeing what that mule turns out to be like. Good Hunting! John
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