SFC B at work last week


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Mar 2, 2013
Colorado Springs
Well, I apologize in advance for the crappy pics (from my gov phone only) but it is better than nothing. A good portion of my unit spent last week training for Cold Weather Mountain Warfare last week in the mountains outside of Gunnison. We packed in on snow shoes (first time for me), populated an area, made hoochs out of snow and available materials and conducted related training. We had a great time out in the woods but I am not a fan of snow shoes as of yet. Carrying a pack and pulling a sled probably didn't help that :hump: The hooch picture was the one my battle buddy and I knocked up in about an hour and a half. Slept cozy in there in our issued FSs down to about -10. The gratuitous campfire pic is proof that this wasn't a regular Army training :)


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Do you guys use the ECWCS gear or do you get Arcteryx? Did you guys stuff the door way with boughs also?
Do you guys use the ECWCS gear or do you get Arcteryx? Did you guys stuff the door way with boughs also?

Our stuff is made by Patagonia ( I do have some ECWCS stuff in the tuff box too). We filled the doorway with our rucks and boughs. It would have been great if the snow was better but it was very light and granular. I am a fan of snow based shelters. And while I did bring a woobie, it ended up being just a pillow. The sleeping bag system was fine. My buddy used the jet boil to boil some water, put it in a Nalgene and put that in his foot box. I prewarmed my bag with a couple hand warmers. We were both plenty warm.
LMFOA !!! I'll Call BS!! It was Phuqin COLD...COLD...COLD...COLD ! Been there, Done that, Got the K-Mart T-Shirt !

"Keep yourself comfortably cool", means COLD.

Staking pine/fir/spruce limbs in a 10' pile and covering it with a 1' layer of snow MAY make it +5 degrees warmer, but -10 vs -15 is still COOD !!

I am soooooo glad the Marines sent me the tropics, and then the desert, cuz I truly Hated COLD !!

Ya made it, Thank God. Now don't do it again.
I am definitely a cold weather vs hot weather guy. I just about melt in the heat. I am lucky to be a very warm sleeper as well. I am the guy in camp telling you to let the stove die out at night to sleep :)
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