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  • Hey not sure if this is a pm or not
    But was wanting to chat with you about a unit, I think we’ve talked before about some pack goats!
    My name in Brian and I am doing research for a lope tag my son Cory has in 42, I noticed a post re: your experience there..

    Took a drive today out there and see road access seems pretty limited. Wanted to access Dick Shooter Rd(funny damn name...) off mud flat but see it's blocked off. Tried to drive along the 41/42 border out Jack's Creek but it pushed me into 41. I'm trying fo figure where to go next, thinking of taking a round near Juniper that heads down by Star Reservoir and walking East and maybe North from there. Trying to get to some of those flats I see on Google Earth in and south of the Wilderness area off Mud Flat.

    Any ideas on access and where to go. I have access to motorcycle(tw200), quads, horses, and most importantly good boots and packs for me and my son and can pack 3-4 miles easy.

    Happy to help you with info on Deer, Elk, etc. if I can in units 32, 43, 44, 45 or whitetails in Kooskia.

    [email protected]
    Have you been killing any ducks this year? We have got into a few mallards but the weather has been to nice here in CO. It has been in the 50-60 degree range. Hope your slaying them.
    Andy Dockins (Big Slick)
    Love your signature, Van Franke was with me this year when I shot my first pronghorn buck. Where do you live in Idaho? I have a brother in Meridian and sister's in Pocatello.
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