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  • Hey Thusby, I see you commented on a few posts (and guided) Wyoming pronghorn area 21 and was wondering if you have any tips of where to focus my hunt on. Wyoming resident but never hunted that unit, I have a type 1 tag and will be going out August 21st to chase with the bow. Thanks for your time! Matt
    The main this with this hunt, if I was only hunting public, would be to stay flexible and keep covering ground looking for the buck you want. You could also try to seek out watering holes but competition may be high among them. It probably wouldn't hurt to go out there a day or two ahead of time if possible.
    Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. I have not spent a ton of time in that area but it's under the general consensus that most of the antelope live on the northern edge of the unit near the WY border. There are some big ranches up there but there are also some big chunks of public ground too. You could find a shootable buck on public, but private will obviously be easier.
    I saw a reply you made to someone on GoHunt Insider regarding antelope hunting in CO Unit 4. I took the liberty of grabbing your Hunt Talk ID and send this message. I hope you don't find that to creepy! I drew an archery tag for that unit this fall. I wanted to pick your brain for a minute.
    I see them on the blm on the north side of the unit pretty frequently during the deer seasons. I would wait as late as possible in the season and get out there at first light. They go up much higher than you would expect as well. I’ve seen them nearly at the top of bakers peak near the edge of the trees.
    I’ll be out there for 4th season deer and elk this year in unit 4.
    I've never hunted the late season. The last time I hunted deer there was when you could still hunt them during first Rifle. That was a while ago. That 4th season deer took a bunch of points to draw, didn't it? Do you access to some private land there?
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