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  • Just following up on my past PM sent in your direction to confirm you did in fact receive my unit 1 request...?

    Please advise..............

    Steve in AZ
    Snakes...all your trying to do is scare people! But not enough to skip hunting in September and October! What the hell are you still doing at work! Taaallllkkking to Kathy?
    You are supposed to be studying or getting some work done for Lisa not messing around on hunting sites!
    You have had an awesome year thus far! I hope you keep it going with a toad mule deer. I love your album, you have taken some awesome animals! You don't happen to hunt in the 4C area for mule deer? If so we should share a camp some day. Don't take that the wrong way, I already have a killer hunting spot, I just enjoy good camp talk.

    Best of luck,can't wait to hear more success!

    Seen a 280 bull today about as good as they get in this spot. Couldn't get it done. Tomorrow is another day!

    Lots of big bulls. It is hard to get everything perfect with five guys chasing down these bulls, but we are trying. Good luck and let me know how you do in MT.
    My bro called he is so pumped our Elk spot in crawling with bulls. Leaving Monday. How you doing so far?
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