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  • Whatssssss UPPPPPPPPP? No deer yesterday...may end up with a "No Fill" on the archery deer tag this year!
    upper deck,I am in West Fargo.looking to do some hunting out west in Buschy land in 2010 I hope.
    I know the coverage sucks, but waiting for an update on the WY elk hunt is killing me!
    Great Salmon and Halibut pictures when and where did you go? I just went in July and it was a great trip! Thanks for the offer of assistance...I really appreciate it. I have learned so much from Greg lately and just listening to the two of you talk the other day was a treat! It isn't often that you meet people that are willing to share the how to part of hunting! Maybe some day all of us can get together on a hunt of some sort! Maybe an over the counter Elk bow hunt of somekind! It would be great just watching the two of you in action. I hope you had better luck on Monday with the Goats!
    That salmon pic looks great! No get to the research so I can watch you hose a MT goat!!!
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