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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
Ron Spomer is a great guy. Someone I've known for over a decade and have had a lot of great discussion with. He is one of my "go to" resources for cartridges, ballistics, and anything about rifles.

Ron asked me to be on his podcast earlier this summer. I told him I would share it when it came out and I noticed we forgot to do that. So, here it is. Ron wanted to talk about the changes in public hunting, hunters' support of conservation, and a ton of other topics.

I hope you will listen and if you do, subscribing to Ron's channel will give you reminders of some really good content.

Thanks, Ron. Keep up your good work.

I like Ron and his even handed approach to cartridges, rifles and ballistics. I especially like that his knowledge spans a number of "Ages" so he has seen many a ballistic fad come and go. I feel his Seasoned approach is more valuable than Johnny Whizbang and the cartridge of the month club....
I met Ron on a British Columbia hunt over 20 years ago. He had a great sense of humor back then. Have to check out the podcast and see what he is like today.
He has two channels on youtube. Recommend subscribing to both. He does a really good job on many topics. Ron doesn't have any love for the 308 so when Randy mentioned that is what he is using these days it gave me a good chuckle.

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