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New World Record Aoudad !!!


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Info on the Aoudad
New World Record in 3 record keeping organizations.
423.3 in Trophy Game Records of the World
127 1/8" in Records of Exotics
167" in Safari Club International(require animal to be rescored after 60 days since he was in the top 10) Second score was 166 6/8"
Bases were 14 5/8"
Lengths of horns were 39 2/8" and 37 3/8" respectively.
Weighed 341 lbs.
10-12 years old.
Shot by LeNan Hanthingy on the Crosswind Mountain Ranch northwest of Harper, Texas.
Browning .270 100 gr. Remington.

I don't have a pictue of it yet. Man, the good old days are now!

We just had a new world record last year, now we have this one. Both from Texas.
way cool, now that is something to be damn proud of and coming from Texas, it don`t get no better, now if only Keith Warren was there it would be the best
Tom is it true that the aoudad is basically extinct in its home range? I'd like to hunt one of those one day...
MarvB, That's last year's world record for SCI from the YO Ranch. This one is a new world record from a ranch not to far from the YO, less than 100 miles. About 1/2 the aoudad in Texas are in that area, I've read. I haven't counted them myself, just read about it and seen and even shot one.

280 is getting into this, eh.

They are native to North Africa but I don't have the Africa record book to know if any still hunt from there. Travelers in Algeria can see them as little as 20 miles from coastal town and the Sahara's major massifs are still breeding centers, according to Exotic on the Range, 1994.

There are free ranging ones in Texas, New Mexico, California and Mexico and some on private properties. Released in Ca in 1924, 1950 in New Mexico, and I don't
Guy here in the office had the then #2 from NM, where he shot it off public land. Said that he was one of, if not the hardest hunts he's been on thus far. Not a bad way to spend your weekends while in school. He calls it the poor man's desert sheep! ;)
The guy who started Records of Exotics calls the aoudad, the green beret of rams, in some of his stories. He's got some neat stories about them aoudads.

It was already shot 280, by the wife of a friend of Keith Warren's. He advised them to shoot it before it died. Its hair was worn off the hide from the horns rubbing it and it had to turn its whole body, the horns were so big. The world record last year had just one tooth left, I think.
Here's a picture of this aoudad. He won his last fight. That's how she found him and shot him, from the noise of the fight. His horns are so big, he's wearing his hide out. He could only turn his body, not his head.


She was guiding her friend on a deer hunt and borrowed her deer rifle to take the aoudad. They had been hunting him for 2-3 years. This is the second time a world record aoudad was shot last year.

The first one is still the archery world record though.

There might be another world record, since the one LeNan shot also.

Unbelievable, the good old days are now, on aoudad!
Tom was there an auodad rut going on at the time??? Between the sparing and the size of that ol' boys neck I just have to wonder!
The story I read didn't say about a rut, it talked like the younger one got into this old guys territory. They get more solitary and he wasn't seen much at all, so they thought he was pretty much hold up in his territory on the ranch somewhere, that's what the story I read said.

You showed the picture of the first new world record last year and that is still the archery world record.

Then, this lady broke that world record with this old one. Now, last weekend at the Trophy Game Records of the World annual meeting there was talk that this one broke her world record.

His right horn is 36, with 14 3/8 base and the fourth mass measurement is 8 inches. He's supposed to get it on mass, if its really true, he's another world record.
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