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  • Roy: Tried to send you an email at: magrace@msn.com but it didn't go thru. Is that your current email? Would you email me from y-o-u-r correct email address so I can send you a note? My email: tjwagsaz@cox.net. I'd rather use email than PMs on internet sites ... --- Thx, Tom / Lv2hnt in Arizona
    Love to hear about it.....what's your e-mail address?

    Had the surgery on my finger Friday.....re-attached the tendon. I'll be in a splint for 6-8 weeks and should be good to go.
    Hey man you love to hunt with a bow! Awesome Pics! I would love to have your imput on my businesses product, the Outdoorsman's Resource Guide. Shoot me an email sometime & I will send you some information. I have watched your post & read your articles for years...Great AZ 2010 Buck! How'd the hospital visit go?
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