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Insiders and Outsiders - Political wrasslin'

Big Fin

Staff member
Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
This article, though it appears in a Montana newspaper, is probably relevant to all citizens, no matter where they live. Not because of the people mentioned or groups involved, but the fact that these same games of insiders and outsiders, dark money and out of state influence, are likely impacting your elections the same as it is in Montana. Just takes more money to have the same influence in states with larger populations. And, the professionals are involved in the larger population states, making it less likely they would screw up as bad as these amateur operators did in Montana.


Elections in MT and WY, with very small populations, are good testing grounds for these political experiments. A little money can get you a long ways in the fringe of politics, on both sides. In small population states, even more so.

James Riley

Jan 10, 2015
Doesn't surprise me.

It is getting spooky these days.

I second that.

When I was very young, pre-teen, I would have been very good at this kind of triple/quadruple think BS, but I just don't have the energy any more. What could possibly motivate these people, other than sheer love of the game itself? It's got be more than anger, hate, revenge, greed, passion or zealous belief in their cause. It's like the brilliant petty criminal who could have been a legit millionaire, had he only put his mind and energy into constructive, legal pursuits. What a waste. :confused: :W:


Active member
Sep 12, 2011
Bozeman, MT
It was pretty eye opening the the amount of Vitriol and Negativity that got poured into those Elections. But to associate Julie French(or mom as I call her) with Trump! Now that is a laugh. But I guess their efforts worked, and we now have Speaker Knudsen.