Greenhorn drops giant Corn Back Rattler

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Jul 25, 2001
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Rumor has it that Greenhorn dropped a Giant Corn Back Rattler in Big Timber this weekend. From what I heard, it might be pushing B&C. Greenhorn - fill us in on the details! Did you drop it in one shot? Did you green score it? Got any pictures to post? Rumor has it that you left it to rott in a friend's bathroom. I guess he had to open all the windows to air out his house for several hours.
He said it tinted all the windows in his place. It was a trophy to be proud of that's for sure.

No field photos. I was in a hurry to leave the scene as I was in an area usually off limits to me.
No Jeez Tom... Polesmoking? That's what they do to them rattlers at the Texas Roundup. Grab them up, put them in thier mouth, and treat it like a big brown cigar! You must call it something else.

Here in MT we just flush them.
im sure hes waiting for the 60 drying period before he has it officially scored! then i hear hes gonna do a pedstal mount to display his hard earned trophy! :eek: :eek: stinks havin to wait for it to dry-out :rolleyes: I hear its been scored as a greenhorn "typical" not to be confused with the "non-typical Peanut Back Rattler"
WOW... I'm calling BS till I see a picture.... I don't know any "BROWN SNAKE" worth "MOUNTING".... And I've seen my fair share of snakes..

I'm not sure but I bet they don't go in the B&C .. more like the W.C. ;)
Good mass and length, but being broken sometimes precludes entry into the book.. We will have to see after the mandatory drying period...
That's just to funny...Could you pass on the name of the guy that's going to do the taxidermy...that way I will not to go to that one...LOL!!!!
That was to good!!!! :D :D :D
What a crock of shit man. I call BS.

That ain't no rattler. That's an Anaconda. Didn't know they had those things in Montana.....

Try it after carrots and prune juice, you won't believe what that does, if you're into this kind of thing.
This is one of the more wasteful threads on the internet though, in more ways than one.

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I don't think that would even book if it wasn't broken. Pictures can be deceiving. At first glance it appears to be very big. Take note of the size of the hole it is laying in compared to the cornback's body. It is obvious to me that the photographer got really close to the cornback while snapping this shot. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he even pulled it's body partially out of the hole to fool you into thinking it is longer than it really is. This is another secret trick to make these cornbacks look longer in photos. I understand that Tom is a certified B&C measurer of Cornbacks, and until he gets at least a brown score of this one, I won't believe any numbers from anybody else.
Tom, what are some of the statistics you have taken on suck Cornback rattlers? I mean, I know Elkhunter is going to say the average weight it around 6.5lbs... but we know he is full of it. I'd say a 2.5 lb log is a monster.

What about in Texas, everything is bigger right? I didn't realize you were a certified cornback scorer. Is there a Texas Records Book of Trophy Cornbacks? If so, do you have many Cornbacks of your own in there?
Cornbacks are a Montana thing, maybe just a Greenhorn thing as far as I know. :confused: This is the one and only that I have seen posted anywhere, a real pollsmoker as you say up there. WW sounds like he's got an in for where to put it., as well as GH.
Sheesh Greenie, being from Montana I would have thought you would know better. You must not be a fisherman! That is definately a very small boneless mud trout. Wouldn't even make the low list of the state record. Crist man get out and do some fishing instead of spending all your time on the crapper reading hunting posts on this lower than mediocre site.
GH, you got it, a lot of things are bigger here, but cornbacks, I don't know. A lot of people like them out in the wild here, not sitting in a bowl. Its illegal to flush them out on the ground here, but dropping them one at a time is ok. They figure flushing them like that is just going to far here. see
for some local attractions though. :D

Corn back rattler, eh. Here's a joke for you.

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Well.............I stay out for a couple of days......and come back to see......the more things change.....the more they stay the same.............Green horn is still full of shit........literally........and another Junior Montanny member is calling this site "less than mediocre".........but yet, it seems to be the best place to be... at the moment ;) ........ah, the ebb and flow of the universe.....all right here beneath our noses.......or was that "brown noses"?.............all we need is a Pug and I would fill complete in my web search tonight ;) :cool: DS
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