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WI ELK, the story of a once in a lifetime hunt

@Big Fin it is the work of you and your team that has inspired many of here on this forum to get out and do these types of hunts, so I would like to thank you and your team for all the content and knowledge sharing over the years.

Specifically based off your videos and content I did a WY DIY public lands hunt for antelope a few years ago, then the following year my daughter and I were both able to go to WY where she harvested an Antelope. She still talks about it on a regular basis and can't wait to go again. We keep applying for points and tags in the west and hopefully we will be drawn again so that we can go on another adventure and write another chapter in our book of great life experiences.

I do appreciate all you do for the greater hunting / conservation community and having this forum for so many of us to share our experiences.
@WinkB , thank you for taking us along on this excellent adventure. Your selfless mentoring of your daughter is the real story here, and the true trophy of this hunt. Until you have done it, it is hard to understand the thrill of guiding someone special on a great hunt, especially if it leads to a happy harvest. You have given us a virtual textbook on how to pursue this hunt, and what it feels like to be there.
Thanks for sharing your hunt with us. Great job keeping us updated with the day by day write-ups and congrats and making it all happen!
I have just gotten our engraved cartridge case back from @p_ham and he did an amazing job. I would highly recommend asking him if he would engrave your case if you have a special one that you want to keep. This is so much nicer than the sharpie written cases that I have stored in a box. Over the winter I will have to send him a couple more that I want to ensure are saved for the future.

Here is a quick summary of the WI 2023 Elk hunt as it stands for the WI residents. The WI elk season was from Oct-14 to Nov-22 and Dec 14-22. The first part of the season ended on Sunday the 12th of November and as of Sunday, all four state resident tags have been filled. I was fortunate enough to work with one of the hunters over the weekend and be part of his hunt and be there when he harvested his first elk. It was a very unique and exciting event and congratulation to him. I can now say I took part (however a very small part) in 50% of the elk that were harvested in the state in 2023.

I would expect that the formal announcements will be coming out from the DNR and other sources now that the hunt is officially over about who, what, when and where. I did not ask his permission to share any details, so in an effort to respect his privacy I won't share any photos from his harvest.

Thank you, for all those who have commented and provided the feedback as it relates to this hunt. I hope that it in some small way encourages other to get out there and go do that hunt or spend time with your friends and family that you have been dreaming about.

In regards to the WI residents, when the application period opens next year consider spending the $10 and applying. I will be well worth it if you are drawn, and know that those funds go directly to the support of this program and the elk in the state.
and know that those funds go directly to the support of this program and the elk in the state.
Those funds are not entirely earmarked to directly go into the Wisconsin elk program. $7/application with a maximum total of $127,700 is earmarked to go into "monitoring and research" (basically it pays for the biologist salary). Unfortunately are Wisconsin DNR is a total joke in terms of how it is funded. Some much of our hunting/fishing dollars don't get spent directly back to hunting/fishing.