WI ELK, the story of a once in a lifetime hunt

As was mentioned I was hooked from the phone call in the beginning of your post. You have a fantastic ability to make tedious parts fun to read. Those 2 shots were amazing with all the adrenaline was pump through her body. She is a great sportswoman and you are a number a very good father to give her that experience. Even your wife was a good sport.
when did you get the call that you got a tag so I can know when to stop hoping in the coming years of not drawing.
I believe it was around Monday May 29th ish.

The application period opens around the first part of March and goes through May. As soon as it closed I think they started reaching out to folks.
Thank you for following along on our little adventure. It truly was an amazing experience and I wish we could do it again in our home state. For any resident in the state, I encourage you to apply, it is only $10 and you could be on the short list of those who have harvested an elk and experience what we did here.

Now my daughter can say she is the first youth in the state to ever harvest an elk and she had an amazing time doing it. We couldn't be happier.

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If anyone has any questions, hit me up I will be happy to answer them.
No questions, but commendation! Great lead up story. Excellent capture of hunt and writing technique. And last but not least kudos to your daughter and yourself. You have made memories to last both of your lifetimes. Thanks for bringing us along.
@WinkB Super adventure with the family. Congratulations to all of you.

Is this tag open to Wisconsin residents only? Did your daughter also throw in $10 to apply and thus qualified for the tag transfer, or could you transfer to anyone of your choosing?
Man, what a great story! Kudos to Dad on transferring a once in a lifetime tag, and kudos to your daughter for sticking with it through the slow days, and being prepared for the shot opportunity when it presented itself!
We couldn't have done this without the support of my wife as well it was very important to all of us to take part in the hunt. I was really wishing it would have happened on a day where she was with us.

The tags are only available to WI residents only, and I have been putting in for all three of us every year since the beginning. I just got lucky enough to be drawn. However, since elk are currently once in a lifetime neither her nor I will be able to obtain a tag in the future under the current rules.

The way the current rules are written, a tag can only be transferred to a youth, or disabled, and they classify a youth as an individual under 18. Here is a link to the official DNR stance: Awarded permit or harvest transfer
I know how ya feel. Got my first bull Oct 24th 2023. It's an awesome feeling, but particularly awesome that it's your daughter. Great kid. I am very happy for ya. Congrats to both of ya.
Fantastic write up and congrats on a perfect outcome! thanks!

Your daughter should come on here and take a bow, so to speak.

Now maybe you need to get her some nonresident elk tags going forward.
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Congrats on the great bull! And that’s awesome you were able to get him out whole.
Big props to you for being so selfless and transferring to your daughter, and good on both of you for hanging in there on those tough days!
A great family affair that will follow you all for the rest of your lives. Thanks so much for taking us along !!
Well I just finished elk season 56. This is certainly one of the best elk hunt stories I’ve ever followed. Congratulations all around. Not much will beat this in my book.
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