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Celebrities and hunting?


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Dec 16, 2000
Rocky Mountains
How many celebrities do you know that hunt?
Karl Malone, Ernhart, Ted Nugent.
That is all that I know that hunt. This brings me to my
next question. Why don't they get out and let the world know
that they are hunters and fisherman? I think that this would help emensly to push and fight the anti's.

I just never hear about them speaking at events or doing a TV promo for the NRA or other hunting/right to bare arms organisation. These people inflence the youth more than any
other type of people and the youth are the future.

Just curious. What do ya'll think?

Timberghost, Kurt Russel and Ricky Schroeder.
I saw Ricky take some heat on aTV during an interview over Elk hunting.

I know Ted "The Wackmaster" Nugent is pretty outspoken about the sport.

Live to Hunt-Terry aka Coydog.
I think that you are missing alot of people: Chipper Jones, Brian Cox, CHARLTON HESTON, Tom Selleck, Charlie O'brein, Ted "the Million Dollar Man" Dibiasi, "Stormin'" Norman, Jay Novachek, etc... Granted these are the most visible 'stars' but I feel that if WE can keep furthering our image someday hunting will not be looked on as taboo.
shaq! Oniel him and i think barkley, have been hunting game ranches in fla and hes been to africa ,my taxidermist is doing the mounts!

also check out the "helping others dreams come true" thread,i posted a article about Ted Nugent!

it sucks they dont get more involved, alot of there success is public opinion and popularity and we cant tarnish that ya know!!
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That blond headed guy that was on that detective show about 10 or fifteen years ago(was it simon & simon?) is a big advocate of the shooting sports(I think he still hosts the Ducks Unlimited TV Show)
Yup, major, actually good freind of mine guided him on a lion hunt in utah couple yrs ago, heck theres a endless list of people all depends on what you call celebrites....I guided Kevin Gross, pitcher for the Texas Rangers few yrs ago, but just because they been to a celebrity trap shoot or something does it make them someone we would want to speak out, I remeber when Bill Clinton went duck hunting in Arkansas one winter....I would'nt say hes a good advocate for sportsmen.

How about that Famouse Guy....I think his name is.....

Oh ya, MOOSIE from, I think He hunts.....

I agree that the People that WE look up to on a daily basis that support this great pastime should Stand up and Make it well known!!


<LI> AKA Moose Hunter


I just read a Ted Nugent story on deer hunting from a stand. He also wrote a book titled "God, Guns, and Rock And Roll." I have also read some of his stories relating to hunting in Alaska, and a few months back hear him talking about his book at The Michael Reagan's Show on the radio.
The names are too many to mention ! SCI, has put a great deal of superstars on the conservationist of the year!
1999 was George W, but he did not make it, so his pappy took the award for him!

One of the reasons I joined as a life member of SCI was during an intoxicated moment in Reno at the SCI convention. The Life members joining had a chance to win a hunt with Chuck Yeager! Well that was a motivator and I decided to do it! No regrets!!

I have to admit that before moving away from the States, I did not realise what or how much organisations like SCI, RMEF,hunters for the hungry and wildlife forever actually did for the everyday hunter! In trying to keep up with the issues that face sportsmen and women I found that they indeed do a great deal and many "stars" are playing very important roles.

Great post and funny that the NAHC published an artical this month in "Eye's on the Anti's" That gave hunters some tips when being faced with the media!
Pleanty of Celeb's are out doing something, but you have to keep up with it through organizations and publications that i mentioned to see! I thought I was "clued in" until I actually started to keep up and was shocked at how little I did realise was going on with the anti's and pro hunting movements!


I am kind of surprised nobody pointed out that Ronald Ragen and his son Mickel are (or were) avid bird hunters. And the "Duke" John Wayne was a big time hunter,Why do you think he filmed so many movies in southwest Utah in the fall.

Good Luck
The Greek

In the shooting sports, I do not know if these people hunt but I know they shoot.

Eric Estrada (Chips)

The blonde guy from Chips

One of the Mandrel sisters
Tanya Tucker was a regular guest at a hunt club in South Carolina back in the early nineties. I was stationed there while in the navy, and saw her regularly hunting quail and shooting sporting clays. Kind of freaked me out the first time I saw her.