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A 57 3/4" Long One????? Moosie Update

Elk Turd

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Feb 15, 2001
Boise, ID, USA
I mean WIDE?

Well The GREAT MOOSIE has...

How does a phone call while I was shopping at Gart Sports sound?

And go figure, it was a number I didn't know.

And, let me tell you all something, it was a muffled, staticy voice.

"Guess what I am standing over right now?"

Yeah, guess who yelled in Gart Sports???


Now, don't quote me, but I believe it was...


While we were chatting, he said "$hit, a moose is coming in" Click.

Maybe Moosie Sr. has drawn BLOOD as well!

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My goodness Dinger did you race home from the store? J/K Just for the record I was the first to know, just slower about getting to the computer, beings I have three others to take care of.

I just got off the phone with him and he said that the outfitter is coming in tomorrow afternoon to pick it up. And they are gonna try again early in the morning to get his dad one too.

He is already going through POP withdrawls, like I knew he would.

They were able to get the whole moose back to camp today since it was only 400 yards from camp.

And it started raining on them today, hopefully the stay dry, but he is still waiting for colder weather.

So that's all for now.

-Mrs. Moosie
WOOHOO. I'm real happy for him. Thats real good news. I'm glad they didnt have to pack it ot far also. Tell him congrats next time you talk to him from me and Tammy.
Sorry Mrs. Moosie!!!
I just couldn't wait to share the good news!

No, I didn't run home from the store, I flew!!!!

And yes, the record is straight, he better of called you first!!! Or else...

I can't wait to hear the stories, and see pics and videos! I didn't know it was 400 yards away, that's awesome!
I feel REALLY bad, like the low man on the Totem pole. He just NOW called me, at 8.50pm.... Kind of funny how he calls the The BOSS, and then The Boss, and then lil' old me...

He called to tell me how much he was enjoying eating a tortilla with Peanut Butter on it. I think he might still have had some peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth, as he was a bit hard to understand...
I had told him that some nights, a quick, cold meal was better than dinking with the stove. This must have been one of the nights....

He sounded tired, from working, maybe on the Moose. I asked how many points, and he said he didn't count. One of the palms is cracked, and he thought it might need to be repaired, or could be left for "character".

He said it was 3 brow tines on both sides.

They heard this guy talking a bit, and then got around to get in position for the shot. They have not heard the Moose talking very much.

They have seen Zero cow moose. (If I was him, I would start cow calling, but keep an eye on my "backside"...

Other game seen so far included:

Grizzly Bear,

He sound good, and that satelite phone kind of makes you think you should just get to the facts... And not chit-chat too much. I gave him the forecast at Dillingham for the next days, with lows in the mid 40's, and he said they had been colder than that. I also told him it was 10-20% precip until Monday, and then more 60%.

Hopefully they get the elder Oscar's done before that.

That's because you DRIVE a FORD!!!hehehe..."edited by FLIPPER
Just got off the phone with oscar about 20min ago. Elkgunner is right he did sound real tired. He said they are probably gonna take tomorrow off and relax then work hard to get 1 more moose. Tammy is gonna go to soldotna on thursday to pick up his hide and antlers, shes gonna flesh and salt it and boil the skull so that way the hide is in good shape and with the skull clean easier to ship home (however hes gonna do it). Plus it gets her out of a day of work
57+ inches, wow! That sounds like a nice moose. They got the whole moose to camp, eh. Now, maybe the grizzly will come down off that hill, eh? Get him some Moosie to eat, eh!!!? I hope not.
WTG MOOSIE, don't feel bad Elkgunner,
Moosie had his lovely wife called me, humm, that was better,
thank Mooseman.
Good luck on Seniors!
Great News,and congrats. Cannot wait to you post the pics.
I told my wife Moosie killed a 57" Moose, she said "That ain very tall for a MOOSE IS IT??

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