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Jul 11, 2021
A few months ago I took a chance. And it worked out very well. I emailed Jordan Jonnas from the TV show alone and asked him if he would like to go moose bear wolf hunting with me. And he accepted the offer !
My beautiful wife doesn't like me going out to the cabin by myself. And I've had an idea for the cabin. I guess I noticed Jordan from the TV show as a guy kinda like me, positive thinking. And loving being in the outdoors. I went to his web n emailed him after reading his story. He felt inspiration from his dad. That no matter how hard life can be. Always stay positive.
Him and a good friend of his came up for a week. This guy is a hard worker. Up before daylight and hunts till dark. And it was tough conditions. He zeroed in on the area west of the cabin near a usually small 1-3' creek. That was now a raging 8' plus river. This creek has all 5 species of salmon in it. And there were salmon in the marshy tioga areas. He got through an alder patch and spotted a mid fifties bull 40 yards out looking at him. He could see his head n hump in the tall grasses. Took his shot. Bull spins around n gone. He waited a short bit and went searching. It was pouring rain hard. Could not find blood or hair. His buddy joined the search and my buddy hiked over from the cabin to help. It was dusk n it got black. He was hurt pretty hard. Jordan n 2 others went back first thing in the morning. Couldn't find anything and the plane home was scheduled to be at the pick up lake at 5.
We have probably all been there. It happens. He shot his rifle to check and the scope had taken a hit and was way off. And I know he checked the scope with a bore scope I have at the cabin. So he did his best to insure his equipment was up to par but hunting conditions around here can get hard. The undergrowth it 4-7' tall. And walking on the tioga was difficult.
The bears have been taking a big toll. Jordan and his buddy found 2 recent moose kills while hunting. And the grasses along the creek were trampled from bear. Lot of brown ones tooooo. The blacks have been raised trouble with the cabin. Ripping on the support beams. And using it as a scratching post. One reached over bear boards and bit a hole in the door nob. Got a package of moose burger stolen one evening. I put it in some moss to stay cool. And had one come up on the deck n leave prints on the front porch window while I was out hunting.
Hey everyone had a great time. And a good opportunity to harvest a moose bear or wolf. Jordan found 6 or 7 different types of wild mushrooms. Reshi, lions mane, oyster, birch bolea n more. I dried them on the woodstove. And they each found a couple pounds of chaga to harvest n bring home. There is some near the cabin so we can get a few chunks n keep a pot of chaga tea on the stove. Mixed with Tang orange drink and you will have a great hot tea to watch the fire with. I made fresh chaga bread at the cabin. Goes great with moose steak n sockeye salmon on the fire. Ak serf n turf. Jordan's buddy found a nice antler drop.
Mostly, new friends were connected. Hunting can do that. Really bring folks together. Sitting around a campfire telling stories about our lives. Connecting at a different level. And hopefully next years him n his friend, now a new friend for me too, and their families can come back n have a better chance for a trophy and be able to share that with their families. The lights always on for them.
I know that I had a great time. And after missing hunting for the first time in 40 some years for a couple years kinda hurt me. I'll own it. But being in the outdoors is my thing. And being able to share feels nice. I'm glad I took a chance and so did Jordan. I really respect that. We share the same passion for being out. But for more reason than harvesting game or foraging. There is something deeper. And being around a couple fellows that I actually kinda depended on because I'm not as tough as I think I am. And feeling like we have always known each other.
And I know that I healed in a way like no other. I call it the healing power of the bush. Hey folks take chances in life. Don't be afraid to open up a new door n step through. You just may enjoy the experience. Get out. I have a few new body parts and feel better every day. And would like to say thanks to Jordan for all he's done for me. I guess take one make one refers to taking a chance and making new friends along with helping others get introduced into our public lands20230905_094441.jpg20230905_143915.jpg20230905_155945.jpg302CA014-1DCA-48C3-8E2C-ECEFED273056.jpeg20210317_114745.jpgl
This is a great story AK! Thank you for sharing it with us, and glad that remote Alaska worked its magic on your soul.
Thanks for your support folks. This hunt was a big deal for me. I was able to get out for a week earlier in the season n get the cabin ready. I had a 6 wheeler sitting at the lake 2 miles away from the cabin for 2 years. Was pretty worried that the bears would have destroyed it. But they only ate the key. The only one I had. So had to hike the 2 miles to cabin on foot. It had to rebuild and clean the fuel pump on my 4 wheeler. Got it running good so could use it to get to 6 wheeler. And met my hunting buddy who flew his own plane out. He helped me get everything to the cabin and get the generator shed cleaned out and converted into a cooler with the air conditioning. I hope.
I was able to get a couple projects completed after years of planning too. Mostly I was able to get back out. And go be at your own little slice. I did have a few days just me and I kinda like that feeling to. When the world is mine. Hey folks I wanted a share a great time meeting new friends. I enjoy the opportunity to share that with you all. This is a good place
I’m not afraid of much, but going claw/teeth to knife in the dark is next level.
I know Jordan was pretty upset about not harvesting a nice trophy bull moose. But he had a great opportunity and a great hunt all around. He sent me a photo of his gun and the scope was visually off. But this happens. He tried to not show him disappointment but anyone would. He was up before dawn and out till dark every day. And it was treible conditions. Lots of wind and heavy rain. The type of conditions that moose would rather lay around. But he did get a nice opportunity and he is the type of person that will take that win and enjoy the experience. He harvested a big elk a couple weeks later. So he had his meat up.
I've been able to send photos and get reports back from him since he has left. Hunting is just one of those things that we do that can bring strangers together. And he and I have the same drive to get out into the bush and explore.
This little cabin has opened up a lot of good times with me. And now I have the ability to continue to get out as I age. Just sitting on the deck n having a hot fresh perked coffee in the cool morning air. Listening to the sounds. And it is all natural.
Tne night my beautiful wife n me heard the local pack of wolves taking down a moose out in front of the cabin will always be with me. Even simple little things like when I was sitting in the bottom of the canoe drinking a cold beer while my beautiful wife paddled us around the pond. We came across a lynx litter spot. Where I suspect that a local lynx family would go get a fresh drink of water n groom themselves each morning. I took a paddle n flipped up a lynx turd n it landed on her lap. Makes me smile remembering.
And calling in a huge moose and being with our son when he harvested it. Or just sitting in the ground blind and watching the wolves frolic around on the other side of moms pond. Which I named moms pond. After mom of course.
It's winter here now and I need to make time to get out there on snogos. Need to finish pounding the sand point well in. Then we will have fresh potable water right from the kitchen sink. And to finish installing 200 TnG pine boards on the cieling upstairs. Our wonderful daughter helped me freight those out. Along with the small refrigerator/ freezer.
Having refrigeration is sooooo nice. And with the air conditioner in the generator shed I will have a walk in cooler to hang game in. In my mind, this equates to me being able to still go out by myself and harvest a moose. I really want to harvest a wolf. I had my shot n missed. A pure white large wolf. A lot of black bear around. We can harvest 3 any sex any black bear there are sooooo many. On morning I was having coffee with my beautiful wife. I stepped outside to throw out the coffee grounds in the bottom of my cup. I looked around for a moose and there was a black bear just around the corner of the cabin. I stepped back in and asked my beautiful wife if she wanted to harvest a bear. So said she hadn't even finished her first cup of coffee n to leave her alone. Well I had finished my coffee and harvested a nice blueberry fed black bear. Another great moment.
Thanks for the memories folks. And I hope a few stories doesn't take up too much time. Just when I get into thinking about getting out into the bush, I kinda just can't help myself. And get into another world. Glad we have a bunch of hunters n outdoors folks in these parts.
You all have any stories to add ?
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