Why is it....


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Nov 28, 2001
Why is it some on this board post and expect every one to say kudo's and congrats, but don't use the common courtesy to do the same with others. That is very snobbish and one sided. Those of you that do this, know who I am talking about. Are you so stuck on yourselves that it is above you to just tell some of the others way to go or congrats. There are alot of people on this board that work probably as hard as some of you to get what they get and still have no problem telling you fellows that you did a good job. Or is it your to good for the rest of us and you are all the sh!t. At one time I thought it would be great to hunt with some of you to learn what I could, but now I know better and would decline if asked. I am not particularly fond about hanging around with this type of individual, no matter what knowledge may be garnered. It's not worth the effort. Every one that I am talking about on this know's who you are and you are quite capable of posting quite a bit, you prove that on you and your buddies posts. ...Just an observation made by more than just I, it's not a post to bring down the ire of said individuals, just a statement... :D :D :D
Figured I'd put this to the top again and rub it in a little more for those that don't have the decency to acknowledge those on the board that arn't as fortunate as some to be in good hunting country!!! :D :D :D
Russ, ....let it go man.....

You can't dictate nor legislate who responds to your posts. Hell, you can't even back them into responding with threads such as this one.

Folks post when and where they get the urge. It's not a duty...nor an obligation...hell, that gets to much like work. You should just keep pounding the keyboard and racking up the post simply because that's what YOU want to do......not to earn responses from those you post to.

To imply someone thinks they're better or someone looks down on others simply because they don't choose to post to every single topic just ain't realistic. We come here...we view what's new.....we post to that which we choose. The day I am obligated to respond otherwise would be the day I quit coming by......

Just for the record...I congratulated you on your elk so I know you weren't speaking of me........but I think it needs to be said that just because some folks don't post to every topic on the board don't make 'em bad.

Hell, it may be a good thing they don't post sometimes!.......cause you may not liked what they said if they did!.......as they laugh at some topics, and restrain themselves from posting, they may very well have done ya a service! ;)

Just post yer post and keep on trucking......and don't worry so much about keeping a scorecard about who's on what side......if someone post back at ya, well good.......if they don't, that don't necessarily make them the enemy or a bad person.......hell, I would rather a handful of folks respond to my posts with something really to say than a bunch of folks responding simply because they felt they needed to......that would be kinda of sucky.

So I wouldn't be a proponent of soliciting responses......that just kind of takes away from the true atmosphere and nature of why we come here in the first place........JMO......DS
LMAO!!!Mark!!!It had nothing to do with my posts, or you...LOL...There are way lots of posts on mine. I got a better responce then I was guessing.It's a few others..But that is beside the point. It was only up to make a point to a few others that post, only very selectivly, but quite regularly...It was done as a laugh and to see if some would get off their high horses and just tell some of the others nice job..Thanks for the responce though..It was appreciated... :D :D :D

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Probably talking about me..

Sorry if I didn't congratulate you. Congrats on a great hunt and nice elk..sincerely. I went back and saw the thread.

Speaking for myself, I try and make a point of congratulating the folks I'm more familiar with... Also, I don't see but a fraction of the posts. I'm too busy to look at all of them... and just look at the ones that grab my attention. I stay outta the porn area because I'd be on there all day long and I need to do things at work and home other than look at the web-site.

I know you post a ton. Some mornings I look at the daily topics and see 40-50 in a row from you. Shit that's a lot of time on this site. I can't do it. Sorry if I missed some people's successful hunts, yours included.

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Everyone up for a verse of "We are the world, or Kum ba ya". Can't we all just get along? :( :D ;) 1..2..3..Kum ba ya, my friend, kum......Now, how about a group hug. (Watch your hands Moosie!
Hey guy's...Did I mention any names...LOL...
Just seeing who would bite for a laugh...LOL... No scuses needed. Don't really care. It wasn't for my benefit any way. I will say thanks and be gracious, but I wasn't looking at them for me at all..Already said that...You guy's are to fun... :D :D :D
Russ.......I didn't say you were talking about yourself or me......it really doesn't matter who......

....You just shouldn't call people out for not posting as you think they should. Folks should post when and where they so choose, and not be made to feel as though they did something wrong for not doing otherwise.

If you see a topic you think isn't getting the hits it should....you should just double and triple your post there!...that should make up for the difference.......
I thought we all got on this site to take a break from our wives?, (haha). Im sorry too, I dont give kudos on this site because I figure theres enough kudos under each topic already, I am very happy for everyone who posts a harvest. I dont post very much but I do read alot and learn a lot from this site , and I usually only post if I can really help someone out with something I have learned with my experiences, or if I need help with something. And I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for making me a better hunter by sharing your experiences. And congratulations on all of your successful adventures.
I read here every day, atleast twice a day. I hardly ever post on elk topics. Because I know nothing about them. Some times I will go a couple of weeks with out posting, then one day I'll be bored and post on every board that i go too.

I am guilty of what your talking about and will try to improve...sorry

Maybe next year I will know more about elk.
RUSS... YOU know you're my second top poster on this board....I was saying the other day to someone when I posted my elkk pic that I almost felt bad because Someone else posted an ELk at the same time. I'm as guilty as the "HIGH HORSE" people ;)

But it almost got me mad that you posted that satatement. Thats like getting mad at me because I don't go the the SURVIVAL section. Nothing against any of your posts.. but I jsut don't care much about it. I also don't care much about fishin'. YOU won't see me there either unless I take my kids out, I'll post a topic, And I'll leave without any other KUDOS.

I know you probably meant no Harm in this topic but to call greenhorn selfish for not saying Kudos doesn't mean he's "very snobbish and one sided."

May seem like I'm defending him or whoever you're talking about but the KUDOS get spread out.... but topics that I start will obviouly get more Kudos (OR SLAMS ;)) Cuz I own the site and someone with a BOONER elk will get more responses then a cow elk kill. Doesn't mean you and others and Myself don't work hard for it. HELL, ALL my spikes I work hard for too .. I'm not sure how to say that without sounding like A SCHMUCK, but it's kind of that way ?!?!

I'm thinking for DAM sure I gave you the Kudos and Even joked around in your post. but now I'm second guessing myself so I hope that topic wasn't about me ;)

Either way, CONGRATS TO ALL !!!! Even if I missed your post

(NOW bash me for aq bit, I'll be on in a few... WIFES calling
if i've missed anyone on their animal I'm truly sorry and didn't purposely mean to--I think every animal killed is flat out great---now to that point if I do forget in the future please know I'm happy with ya--of course this only goes if you shoot something smaller than me,,,,,chris
I have been posting a lot because i abuse the hell out of the net while i am on company time!! or you would not see me post too often.
some advice,
If you want a lot of posts on your topics just forget to where a hunt talk hat and wear FAG PANTS like moosie does. ;) ;) that seems to work.
I have a pair of pants like Moosie's "Fag pants." I'm wearing them right now because they are comfy!! Maybe I should start wearing them when I take pictures of what I kill. :D :D