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Aug 7, 2014
Hello -

Last year I purchased 160 acres along with a cabin in the Breaks. The Cabin is now hooked up to electricity and is setup on a cistern and septic, so it will provide for an extremely comfortable hunting base camp. In addition, it has RV hookups. The 160 acre property, although not massive, will also provide for some opportunistic hunting (I know several elk have been killed on the property). The property is located off Trail 79 and is within a short distance to all the public land.

Here are my thoughts - I would love to enjoy this property every day of the archery season, however with 3 kids and running a business, that is just not going to happen. So rather than getting into the short term rental business. I am looking for a like minded individual who would like to lease and use the property when I am not around. At best, I think I will get one, or two weeks up there during archery season, so the deal will take that into account.

There is still some dirt work to be done around the property, I would also consider trading dirt work as a form of payment.

If you are interested and want to talk more, please send me a PM. I am located in Billings, MT and I would be happy to meet up and discuss ideas with any interested parties.

some photo's of the property:

It is a beautiful place and beats my tent by a country mile. Unfortunately I'm assuming it's not a general hunt area and I only archery Elk hunt and live in NC so not able to capitalize on it but good luck on finding someone. I wouldn't expect it to be difficult to find someone.
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