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What did Moosie's Bull Score?

Horn Seeker

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Dec 21, 2000
Billings, MT, USA
Ok, since we all guessed GH's bull some months back, lets try this one. Lots of pics to get good angles and such on the "pics and story" thread.

My guess is 332 3/8 net! :eek: :rolleyes:
IN case you dont want net, he looks pretty symmetrical, how about 337 gross?!?!

Like I said before, Sorry if I'm significantly low! I do think you might be a tad high at 11,436 3/8 though Moosie!
I guessed it even before I saw the pics.. osca says I was within an inch... what do I win LMAO

an autographed pic of oscar with a pan? please say no
324, net. nice bull still, even if its still a baby :D ;)

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Looks to have great length and those dagger tines are big, solid bottoms, A head to be proud off for sure, must be close to 340. chit it is long :cool:
I don't know what it scores, but that thing looks symmetrical! I'll bet there's no more than 6 or 7 inches difference between sides.

Moosie told me what he measured it at. But my guess is different than his and different than that from a couple friends I know that held the antlers. I'm just going by the pictures.

I'm guessing 336 gross and 330 net.
I'd say that elk goes about 390 non-typical.

I bet it weighed about as much as your high school sweet heart. You know that one with the buck teeth that went about a duece-duece and a half. Not bad.
OK... I'll RE-measure it. I will take my time and check it twice. I did put a board between the antlers so they don't break (I.E. So they don't shrink ;))

Anyways, With the board I will measure it, I didn't "STRETCH" it...much... ;)

I'll post the score tonight. I need to see what the "GROSS" score is. Last night I measured it and it jsut gave me the "FINAL" score. Does B&C have the LONg way of doing it ? I just plugged the #'s in.....AND POOF, it calculated it all. ?~?~?

Greeny, Maybe I'll jsut Email you the #'s tonight ?
No I just add up the numbers I think they are and that's what I get.

Beam 47+
Tines, 16+, 15, 12+, 17+, 12+
Mass about 26"
Spread around 40"
Deducts: Little to none.

Hard to be too precise, but from pictures.. that's my guess.
Ok, I'm guessing. 1st guess, an inch different than Del's guess.
2nd guess:
Beam 47
Tines, 17, 14, 12, 24, 14
Mass about 26" (I don't what mass to add, so I'll take Greeny's) Nope I'm taking 20.
Spread 45
Total 327.+26 another mass
Revised total of
That's it, 341 unless we go by the revised scoring,

B&C has 3 width measurements in the new revised methods. What method are we supposed to score, nobody said.

(This is all based on Moosie's face being 8.5-9 inches). :rolleyes:

OK, I'm missing one of the masses, I'm going back to this, the previously unrevised total of


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