This is why we can't have nice things


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Jan 28, 2019
North Carolina
I hope this forum is around for a long time. Anything I’ve said was not from having an axe to grind with anyone but rather in a joking manner but if I’ve contributed to the problem then I offer my sincere apologies. Hunting season is coming soon. We all need to get out of the house.


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Jun 13, 2018
I appreciate the site and what I’ve learned from it. Hunting here in the east is totally different than out west, and I have tried to be humble in my questions and what I’ve shared. I try to add something to the site or conversation, or else I just keep quiet. I’m sure that I’ve gotten a little bit carried away at times, but I sure hope that I’ve not been a part of these issues.

Thank you for a great site and the insight that is shared. No need to put up with name calling or trolling, just give em the boot. It’s a privilege to be a part here, not a right


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Apr 14, 2021
Yup. Expect a lot of deleted accounts in the next week.

When some of our most valuable members write me and ask to be removed from the forum, it is a wake up call for me. I think my effort to be tolerant has reached the point of being a detriment to the value the forum could have.

The topics being started, the multi-registrations I can't catch when I'm on the road, the infiltration of the Facebook-esque political bitching and moaning that results in completely unacceptable behavior is enough.

It's been seven tough months for me. I'm at the crossroads where I either close this forum or I just start deleting threads and banning the habitual offenders, no matter if they're my family, my neighbor, my hunting friends, or a complete stranger.

That's where it's at. I fund this forum with other sources of income, as I had always hoped it had value, and it has over the years. Sitting in the SLC airport this morning, reading the mountains of reported threads and posts, then going back to the recent trends of that in the last year, was more than I cared to deal with.

I sent some PMs asking folks to behave and interact according the rules in post #1 above. So far today the replies were GFY, to I might be headed for an ass kicking, to a bunch of defensive complaints about me and how I run a forum. I've had enough.

To get an email from a friend who has contributed great value to this forum for many years, stating that he no longer has any use for the topics discussed and the level of juvenile behavior, is the wake up for me.

Expect a lot of closed threads and a lot of banned members. No warnings, no reasons, just hitting the reset button. The forum interactions and the topics have slowly moved to a place that does not reflect who I am and what our goals are for this forum.

Welp, I hope you don’t shut down this forum. I joined a few weeks ago and have gained wonderful knowledge I hope to use this year for my first pronghorn hunt this October.

Thank you for all you do!

Gerald Martin

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Jul 3, 2009
@EYJONAS!, I was going to ask if you could send that meme to my wife so she could use it if we ever disagree but then I remembered the title of the thread “Why we can’t have nice things”, and I realized the error of even entertaining that thought.🤦‍♂️


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Mar 17, 2017
@EYJONAS!, I was going to ask if you could send that meme to my wife so she could use it if we ever disagree but then I remembered the title of the thread “Why we can’t have nice things”, and I realized the error of even entertaining that thought.🤦‍♂️
Sure send the digits I accept DMs 🤣

one ate E grain

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May 3, 2013
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Often reader, seldom poster here.

Fin your Sportsmans Issues and Public Land Issues sections are hands down the best resource on the subject from a hunter's perspective I've ever run across. I come here to skim those posts once every two weeks. Those two subjects are of necessity often involve politics. Your coverage of the subjects has been a model for me personally on how to keep a perspective on these things. Not unbiased, non partisan might be a better way to say it. The postings I read in those sections are on the issues, not the personalities or parties.

For every registered poster here there might well be scores of unregistered users, people in government, NGOs or the corporate world who want to keep a finger on issues involving public land. Please be aware that your little forum here might have a reach far beyond the day to day back and forth.

I'd suggest long time outs might be more valuable than losing longtime members.

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