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Sheep guys please read!



I posted my pic over at 24 hour campfire and am being accused of shooting a sub-legal ram....ant body who knows sheep knows this ram easily surpasses the 10 year, full curl, or broomed requirement.

I know Ithaca, and Buzz, nad Eric and Ovis know a legal ram when they see it. My ram was checked in at a state park and given a high thumbs some jealous asshole is claiming I killed an illegal ram....Moosie is bravely taking up my slack ;) ...but that does piss me off that the guy is saying such shit!


I voiced my thoughts over at 24hour. Don't sweat the small stuff. You did good partner!
I read every thing and he was absolutly in the wrong..I think when people from out of area score good in an area that a local hunts. They get a little bent because they feel that it was their animal.....Way to go!!!! :D :D :D
DS, dont worry, sounds like another Pug. I'll have to go over there and see what the fuss is all about. I mean when a ram gets to 38 inches, clearly is well past full curl, over 10 years old, broomed on one side (still full curl) checked by the state, WTF else is a guy to do?

Tell him to go pound sand in his ass.

Your ram is awesome, they are obviously jealous. I'll give them a piece of my mind as well.

PS. You hunting colo 2nd rifle season this year? If so I want to come say hello and buy you a beer.
Thanks guys.I know I should ignore it.but it's tough to do.

Boman.......the 3rd season. Well head up on Haloween, Oct 31 and go in somewhere north of 1-70..
well maybe I'll catch you around sometime. I'm hunting the 2nd season. we'll be long gone by then. What part of colo you from? I seem to remember that you and I hunt the same gen area for elk I think?? Oh well Good luck to you.
DS just direct your pinheaded admirer to the AK hunting regs.

A ram is legal if:
1) full curl when viewed from the side(either horn)
2) both horns are broomed
3) 8 years old as determined by the annuili or growth rings.

You killed a 10 year old. It wouldn't matter if he was a 20 inch half curl, 10 years old is legal.
He's legal, end of story.

By the way, congrats again on your ram. He's a beaut'. Please post some profile photos if you have them.(edit: never mind I just saw them in the other thred)

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DS you done good man on that Sheep he is definately a full curl in my book.I read the thread this morning from 24 hour campfire and that lil dumbass causing all the problems is definately jealous of your animal and probabl pissed cause you didnt use him as a guide.I think he is a definate canidate for the Darwin Awards. ;)
Thanks Kraven....Boman.....we are pretty close as I recall.

I am out of Ft. Collins along the front range.....drop me a mail anytime..

Here ya go Eric....



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